still kickin

just stopping in quick to say i'm still alive...i know you were all probably really worried. (ha!) i've been busy getting acclimated to my new job and new schedule. for the most part i am loving it...but the getting up an hour early not so much! i'm trying to slowly shift my bedtime earlier, which has been hard. the bf is a night owl and i am a "reformed" night owl. it's definitely a work in progress.

in other news, i have recently become a bona fide soccer mom. with the changes to my schedule as well as soccer practices and games for both kids we are busy busy busy. i will start school again in 2 weeks and that will only add to the chaos. here's to hoping i can handle it all and still retain my sanity. (whatever sanity i have left, that is!)

another change is that the bf's two boys are spending more time here for the summer. we are currently in the middle of a 12 day stint with them. it definitely shakes things up around here in both good and bad ways. for example, i came home today to heaps of wet clothes on my laundry room floor and two "good" bath towels that have mysterious dirt stains all over them. lol. but they also help with some household chores which is nice. i guess we just need to work on finding a good balance. and i'm sure we will.


bittersweet goodbyes

kyleigh, upon learning i am getting a new job:

"but you are going to miss your FRIENDS mom!"

young but wise, that one. young but wise.


search and ye shall find

how sad is it that i turn up on the first page of results when someone types this:

employment law "pay decrease" minnesota

all i can say is: sigh.

2.5 days and counting...

in true company t fashion, there has been some confusion regarding who will be taking over my responsibilities when i leave. i was told one thing, and other people were told something else. gah!

yesterday i sat through an absolutely excruciating meeting with a very high strung girl from another company who is going to be helping out with my stuff while i am gone. the problem is, i was told she will be "helping out" and she was told she will be "taking over". i asked my manager to clarify last week and was given the "helping out" response. but she is gone this week on furlough and is unable to re-clarify. so i am stuck with ms. high strung and her: WHY? BUT WHY? I DON'T UNDERSTAND? BUT HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? WHERE DOES THAT GO? WHY? WHY? HOW COME? about every little thing. and i am not exaggerating. during our meeting i was dreaming up reasons to get the hell away, like faking a bathroom emergency. it would have been worth any embarrassment. trust me.

of course questions are good when you are learning something new. i'm okay with that. but this girl focuses in on the wrong things and totally freaks out. kind of gets angry, really. i am normally a pretty calm person, but i came very close to flipping my lid completely yesterday afternoon. to top it off, this girl has the most whiny, breathless voice i have ever heard from an adult human being. this is not an exaggeration either...everyone who meets her comments on how her voice is kind of like fingernails on a chalkboard. she almost gave me a panic attack. i've never had one before, but meeting with her was the closest i've ever come to one, i'm sure of it.

i was looking forward to a last week of packing, organizing and goodbyes. and now? well, now i'm dreaming up ways to escape even sooner. swine flu, anyone?


3.5 days and counting...

only 3.5 days left for me at company t! and of course, i am getting requests up the wazoo when all i really want to do is tidy and pack. it's funny how some people decide to bombard you at the last minute. ; )

i am soooo looking forward to having my week off in between jobs. it will probably be the last real time off i get for a while. i guess my starting a new job over the summer is kind of bad timing! it will suck not to really have any days off when the weather is nice. oh well, it's the price i have to pay.

employees at our parent company were told on friday that they are getting a temporary pay decrease for june and july that is equivalent to a week off unpaid. they can take 5 days off during june and july in return. it just adds fuel to the fire for me and makes me even more glad i am leaving. as i was cleaning out my emails i found more than 50 notices of plant closings and layoffs within our corporation from the last year and a half. probably kind of morbid for me to have saved them, but again...more fuel for the fire!

i know things are rough pretty much everywhere, but i stopped respecting the leadership at company t a long time ago, and it feels really good to know i will soon be free of it all. i just wish i could take all of my friends along with me!


four days from now the bf and i will be heading to the airport, ready for a little weekend vacation here:

i can't wait! what a way to kick off my departure from company t!!!