minnesota nice?

the bf and i spent some time in the lovely city of grand marais today. the weather was absolutely perfect. sunny with a slight breeze and about 70 degrees. love. it. we took some time to do the tourist thing and visit the local shops. i bought an awesome necklace from one of the vendors at the local "farmers" market. (they might as well call it a flea market or craft fair, but that's another post.)

so, bf and i were relaxing on the rocky beach looking out at the lake. it was so calm and serene there today. absolutely gorgeous. unfortunately there were of course quite a few people around us sharing the experience. noisy kids throwing rocks in the water, asian tourists snapping pics and angry looking locals trying to avoid the throng of tourists invading their city.

i was sitting on a bench with the bf, soaking in the glorious sun and watching the ducks and geese float around close to the shore and eating an ice cream. yum. total contentment. and then we saw her: plunk, plunk, plink, a little girl throwing rocks into the water and AT the duck. wtf? are you kidding me? and her parents were nearby just watching the show. n and i grumbled about the people and i narrowly avoided his going up to the family and giving them a lecture. though they definitely would have deserved it.

we grumbled a bit more and settled back into relaxation for a few more minutes until we saw them: another family a little further down the shore, throwing rocks AT some geese. wtf is the matter with people? as we watched them in total disbelief and disgust, one of the rocks hit its target. the poor goose honked and fled the rock throwing idiot family.

tell me, what the hell is the matter with people? how is it okay to throw a rock at the wildlife? and it's not like it was a mass of naughty little boys, looking for trouble. these were families. with very young children. THROWING ROCKS at the birds! unbelievable. as we picked up our things and packed up to head back to lutsen, i was a little bit confused and saddened by the idiotic actions of those horrible families with no respect for nature.


top secret

i have added yet another blog to my list...this one is private but i will invite you if you email me and let me know you want to read my pathetic words. ; )

the new blog is called The Real Me. it's sure to be a barrel of laughs. or something.

for those of you who just aren't interested in anything beyond this lovely public blog, no worries...i plan to try to keep this one updated as well.


one last hurrah...

Just under 72 hours and counting until we hit the road…I am SO looking forward to our mini vacation trip coming up this weekend! The bf and I are heading to the MN North Shore, my favorite place on earth! After a five-ish hour drive, we will be arriving in the Northland on Friday night for some hiking, biking, lake viewing, shopping and relaxing. We will make the trip back “down south” on Monday. My only lament besides the short time frame of our trip is the fact that I have to bring my laptop along: I am in the first week of my Statistics class and will need to do some homework while we are there. Ugh.

The problem with having a vacation to look forward to is that in my mind I’m already there. I have am really not accomplishing much of anything besides daydreaming about our trip and thinking about what to pack. It also sucks to know this is really the last time I will have vacation until the holidays. Due to the all too frequent illnesses of myself and the kids as well as an overabundance of time off for sanity sake I have burned up my vacation time already. NOT GOOD.

So…I will savor this time of looking forward to one last vacation for the year, productivity be damned!


olympic conversations

on beach volleyball:

why are they wearing swimsuits mom? cuz they might fall in the water? or maybe cuz the ball might fall in the water? where is the water mom? is it under them? what are they standing on mom? sand? oh...i thought that was cookie dough. mom, why do people have whistles? go, go, go american! you can do it! yeah! mom, look how much points we have! mom, why do we have 7 points? we aren't supposed to have that much! we're supposed to have 21 points. what happened? oh...did we start over? mom, do we 'merican have ten points?

on their olympic futures:

i think i'll be in track or gymnastics in the olympics. gymnastics is only for girls. oh for the love of paint, i didn't know boys could do olympics too. i can't do volleyball. maybe i can do swimming. do you think swimming is better for me mom? you need to wear a head thing. for swimming. in the olympics. i am going to be an american. i don't want my brother to be in the same thing as me. but he can be an american. but i don't think they will allow me to do the olympics. what do you really want me to do in the olympics? for real? no, i'm serious on this mom.

on olympic softball:

is this the olympics? i thought it wasn't. why is it baseball olympics? why is it softball olympics? i know red is china. it looks like baseball, why is it called softball, because they have helmets on? why do they have helmets on? why does the pitcher have no helmet? because the pitcher wants to get hurt on its head?

on handball:

isn't that just for woman? it was just for woman last time. then why was it man? boys aren't supposed to be in the girls zone. this is the boys zone? it's not a girl zone? why is it a boy zone? what happened to that guy? probably got bonked his forehead. why are a lot of people getting hurt? why are the people getting hurt? they're playing soccer. soccer throw ball. i think it's kind of like volleyball except don't go like volleyball, you just throw it. you pass it to people. mom, did you see that guy? he was funny! there was fuzz all over his face.

on being olympic fanatics:

when does it end mom? i think it never ends. it probably ends some time, but i'm going to stay awake till the end. i'm going to watch it until i fall asleep. until i have to go potty and poop in my pants.

on a band-aid commercial:

why are those so special?


linky love

as you may notice, i have links to my favorite blogs down the side of my blog page. if i have your blog listed on here and you would like me to remove it, please let me know.

i do have a couple of blogs i read where the authors have specifically requested that i don't list their links here. i am fine with that. if you want to be removed just shoot me an email and i will take your link off.

word to the wise: if you really want to protect your blog from the public, maybe you should consider making it open to "members" only. just a suggestion. : )



and we're off...

we're getting off on a great start for the weekend! i am currently on the couch with my laptop while my children are both in their rooms screaming and crying. because i sent them to their rooms without finishing their dinner. because i asked them literally 8 times to stop messing around at the table and just eat their GD food already! because i am so tired of them not listening to me! if the bf was here, they wouldn't dare.

but they sure as heck aren't going to learn anything if there is no discipline, right?

i guess moms are just too soft... i feel bad making them leave the table. i'll probably end up letting them go back.


lacking motivation

i am severely lacking in motivation today. yesterday we unexpectedly had the day off at work. a quick, powerful storm came through the area and wiped out the power at our plant. all. day. long. so we were granted a day to lounge at home eating bon bons and watching soaps.

it has messed with my schedule. yesterday felt like friday. today feels like torture. ugh.

only 6 hours till quittin' time...