conversations with a five year old girl

this morning on the way to work and daycare, ky was jabbering in the backseat as usual. she was talking about something that happened at daycare yesterday.

ky: "mom. yesterday gabby was trying to pick up a moth when we were outside. and she got it. and i told her to leave it alone but she didn't. i told her she was going to hurt it and she should let it go. but she didn't leave it alone."

me: "yeah, she should have left it alone ky, but gabby doesn't have to do what you tell her to do. just like you don't have to do what she tells you to do." 


ky: "if gabby jumped off a bridge, i wouldn't jump of the bridge too. 


ky: "would i, mom?"


news from the south

my trip to kc this weekend was awesome, but way too short. seems like just when we start to really warm up it's time for me to leave. it sucks.

it took me seven hours to get down there. i listened to the three cd's i burned and the four the bf burned. i got through ALL of them on the way down! it was sweet of the bf to take the time to choose all the music and take the time to burn cd's for me. he put on a bunch of "new" music, plus a few of the classics. i grooved all the way there. 

i really enjoyed the first six hours of the drive, but it began to wear thin during the last hour...all of which was spent manuvering the city and trying to get to e's house. it sucked to know that mile-wise, i was so close, but because of the traffic it took forever! the drive back was only six hours! a whole hour of my day burned in traffic. i guess there really are some good things about living in a smaller city!

it was wonderful to see e and meet her adorable baby boy. where in the past our laughs were based on our own silliness and/or level of intoxication, this time it was everything baby. his facial expressions were hilarious, and we tortured the poor darling with a super cute little bucket hat i brought for him. it was really cool seeing what a wonderful mother e is and neat to watch her and the baby interact.

leaving was very bittersweet. i was so happy that we were able to reconnect again, but so sad knowing that i probably won't get to see her again for at least another six months. being there really reminded me of how much i still have that hole in my life, with my best friend and i living so far apart. i have other friends of course. really good friends. and i have my sisters. thank god for them all! but sometimes i just want to be able to call up e to meet up for a drink after work. or to go out for lunch. or go shopping. or have a playdate. anything. 

i miss her so much.


on the road again

tomorrow i'm hitting the road to see my best friend e in kansas city. i took off work for tomorrow and rented a car. i'll be on the road at about 8:30 in the morning, beginning the 7ish hour drive. another alone trip! i'm really excitecd to see her, and her new baby, and to just have hours upon hours alone in the car, singing at the top of my lungs to whatever the hell i feel like listening to.

i haven't seen e in six months. i miss her like crazy. we met in college and bonded over cigarette breaks in between our social work classes. we quickly became very close. i have never had a friend like her in my entire life, and don't expect i ever will again. it's hard to explain really, but when she moved out of state i was breaking up with a boyfriend at the same time. and i cried WAY more over her leaving than i did over breaking up with my five year, high school sweetheart.

any long-distance relationship is hard to maintain, and we try our best to stay connected. the phone calls and emails become less and less, and i know we aren't as close as we once were. but when we get together it's like we were never apart. i can talk to her about ANYTHING. whenever i need real, honest advice, she is the one i turn to. she will tell it like it is, whether i want to hear it or not. and my God, do we laugh. and laugh and laugh and laugh. 

even though we don't talk as much anymore, she is still important to me. i still love her like a sister. and she is still my best friend. i can't wait to see her again, and meet her precious baby.


suckingly sucktastic tooth fairy

ky lost a tooth on friday night. we were out with all the kids eating pizza when it came out. ky was pretty cool about the whole thing, i think this is about the fifth or sixth tooth she has lost, so she's a little pro.

when we got home that night, we prepared an envelope for the tooth fairy and tucked the little lost tooth inside. ky proudly filed it under her pillow.

the next morning, the envelope was still under her pillow, and there was no cash prize to be found. ky was a bit worried, but i told her that the tooth fairy was probably really busy and would show up the next night.

saturday night we tucked the envelope under her pillow again. sunday morning? same thing. damn tooth fairy was still really "busy". (eff, eff, eff! i am the WORST mom in the world.)

so, last night we gave it one more try. "i'm sure she'll come tonight." i told ky. "she has to be all caught up by now."

this morning? effing envelope was still under her pillow! why? cuz i can't effing remember to play tooth fairy! and i suck! 

i sent ky to the bathroom and grabbed a dollar bill. i stuffed it under her pillow in a spot i thought she hadn't checked. i had her come back into the room and pick up her pillow. she grabbed the money but looked suspicious and less than thrilled. 

a few minutes later, as we were putting the dollar bill in her piggy bank, ky looked me in the eye and said, "mom, is that your dollar?" crap. she's smarter than i give her credit for.

and i am a suckingly sucktastic tooth fairy.


adventures in shopping (with children)

the scene: target bathroom

the players: my children, kyleigh and kolby, each in separate bathroom stalls, strangers in the other two stalls.

*really, really loud gas sound*

ky: "whoa, ko! you farted, that was really loud!" (cackles with laughter.)

*silence and chirping crickets*

ko: "i didn't fart."

(the noise did in fact, come from the lady in stall one.)

me (trying hard not to burst out laughing) : "ky, can you just finish up and be quiet please?"


ms. manners

so...i took my children to a local fast food establishment for dinner last night. we had t-ball to get to, and no time to run home and eat. 

the kids and i sat down at a table with our sandwiches and fries. partway into our meal, i began to hear a familiar click, click, click sound coming from a few tables away. i stopped mid-bite and looked around.

i spotted the source of the noise straight ahead. a woman sitting in booth, talking on her cell phone and...clipping her fingernails! i watched her collect the clippings on the seat and dust them off onto the floor nonchalantly. wtf? i couldn't even continue eating.

what the hell is the matter with people? and why must they clip their nails in my presence? (i have a co-worker who often clips her nails at her desk.) is everyone so effing busy that they can't clip their damn nails in their own home?

i do not want to come into contact with your grubby nail clippings, people! multi-task yourself somewhere else!


my brain hurts

it's monday, my brain hurts. i don't feel like blogging.

so i leave you with these, pictures of my daughter at her very first t-ball practice last week. oversize hat, oversize shirt, brand new pink and purple "mitt" as she calls it. she LOVED t-ball. and she actually did pretty well, despite the ridiculous "getup" she was wearing.

have a good night!