quiz of the day

1. what time do you get home from work? (on average)

2. what time does your "partner" get home from work? (on average)

thank you for your participation. (and you better participate, dammit!)

i promise there is a reason for this to be revealed at a later date. bet you can hardly take the suspense!?!?


my thoughts and prayers are with you...

...you know who you are. i'm sorry for what you are going through today, it is completely unfair. i feel for each and every one of you that were affected by this.

i fear that this will not be the last of it, either.


random monday musings

*my good friend bbmg got married on saturday! she was a beautiful bride and all went well. she and her new husband are off for a wonderful, warm and sunny wedding trip. here's to hoping they have a blast!

*went to my very first play at this place last night. the food was good. the play/musical was not my style. apparently i am not a fan of mel brooks humor. who knew?

*new thermostats were installed at work. am wearing my coat and gloves as i type this. apparently our company is doing so shittily that their plan is to either a: freeze us into quitting or b: save a few bucks by keeping the temperature low enough to see your breath. or both.

*more layoffs, closings and other general work rumors have been floating around recently. sometimes i think it would be better to just get laid off than to keep stressing day by day that i will still have a job tomorrow.

*school is hard. i also have a lot to do this week to "catch up" from having a busy week/weekend. i feel like i need to take a day off from work again to study, but don't want to a: draw more attention to myself than necessary b: take off another day without pay since my PTO hasn't caught up yet.

*having a hard time getting much accomplished today. my eyes are burning and tired. really felt like i needed another day added on to my weekend. am starting to go into "hibernation mode" what with the snow and all. winter weight gain, here i come!

*am looking forward to going to this guy's concert in 1.5 weeks. am not looking forward to the day after, as i will probably be nodding off at my desk all day.

*now that i have pretty much wasted a good third of my day, i need a break from it all for lunch. happy monday all!


come together

I probably shouldn’t be reading comments on news articles right now, because I am overwhelmed and depressed by the level of negativity that is out there. The non-Obama fans are flocking to the comment boards in droves and they are putting us down left, right and every which way they can. I’d like to think that if McCain had won, we wouldn’t be quite so mean and immature as they are being right now, but I guess I can’t say that for sure. Hopefully they will expunge all of their negativity on these boards over the next few days and then swallow their pride and offer help and cooperation instead of negativity and scorn.

McCain was graceful and positive in his concession speech last night. I’m sure even he would cringe at some of the comments expressed by his supporters right now. I know that they are angry and feel disillusioned, but wow, there is some downright hateful stuff out there. None of it is going to help us bring our nation together for the greater good. Because that’s what we need to do and this would have been true no matter the winner.

Some of the hateful quotes I’ve seen:

“hope this economy collapses and every osama supporter starves.”

“I don't want to make this statement to sound racist, but in Obama's speech his accent sounded a little more like that of one used commonly by African-Americans than the one I believe Obama speaks naturally. After all, Obama did not grow up in the typical African-American community, but was largely raised by white relatives. His father was from Africa, and not a native-born African-American, and therefore did not speak with that accent either. My question is, am I hearing something that is not there, or is his accent affected? And if so, to what purpose?”

“There is no reason to try and defend bush and last republican congress. This drubbing is their own creation. But anytime you see a politician adored and revered the way obama has been, there is no where to go but down. Many (if not most) of the people who voted for him truly have no grasp of economics, wages, taxes, etc. They have bought it all hook, line, and sinker. The welfare check is in the mail, and job killing will begin soon. I hope the top 5% of wage earners are flexible enough to reach their toes while being incessantly raped.”

“Unfortunately the kool-aid drinking and uneducated populace that elected this terrorist loving, tax and spend socialist, in sheep's clothing, don't realize what they've done. At least, I said No to BO. I am the Rightguard against this BO! Long live the USA and not the U.S.S.A.!”

I am appalled at these statements and could write rebuttals to them for hours, but I don’t have that kind of time and I’m not sure it’s even worth it.

As an Obama supporter, I do not expect that he will fix things over night. Or that he can fix things alone. Or that he will be the miracle answer to all of our problems. I have never believed that. And no, I don’t believe he will follow through with everything he has talked about during his campaign, and frankly I wouldn’t even want him to. What I want is for him to do what is best for our country, even if it goes against his original thoughts or plans. I want him to go into this with his eyes and ears wide open. I want him to listen to all of us, supporters and non, rich and poor, black and white. I want him to act for the greater good.

And I really believe that he will.

change is near

Last night, I cried the first tears I have ever cried over politics. (And I’m still a little emotional even writing about this.) They were tears of joy and tears of hope. Tears celebrating the fact that we have finally overcome party lines, race and religion and brought together people from all walks of life to vote with hope rather than with fear. Tears of joy over the fact that I finally feel we have a shot at turning things around for our children and grandchildren, handing down to them a country we can be proud of. This election was historical not because Mr. Obama is black, but because of his message of hope. We may not agree with everything he does in the next four years but I trust that he has in mind the best interests of each and every one of us.

I have seen Facebook statuses in the last 12 hours from conservative Christians implying the end of the world is near. What? The end of the world is near because we elected a black president? The end of the world is near because we elected a sincere and extremely intelligent man to lead our country? How can it be the end of the world when the entire world is celebrating with us? Tell me how this makes sense?

I grew up Christian…both Methodist and Lutheran at different points in my life. But in the last several years I have been extremely disillusioned by the church. I do believe in a higher power. And to me that higher power is about love and acceptance of all peoples and religions. I have a hard time with right-wing Christians who feel their way is the only way and the rest of us are damned. I cringe at bible verses telling us we are evil. And if anyone knows of a Christian church where they don’t try to make you FEAR God but LOVE God please let me know. Because I haven’t found one yet. Oh and P.S.: Barack Obama is a CHRISTIAN, in case you haven’t heard.

Finally, I am not ignorant for voting for Mr. Obama, and I resent those of you who think I am. I did not only vote with my heart but with my head as well. I am very well educated, so please don’t insult my intelligence by insinuating I don’t know what I am doing by supporting Barack Obama. Because you know what? I am proud that I voted out of hope and not out of fear. And I will be proud to call Mr. Obama PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA in January. I can say I am truly looking forward to the next four years. It’s going to be a hell of a ride, but also a good one.

i have every right to express my views, political or otherwise on MY BLOG. if you don't like my views, please don't read MY BLOG. thank you.

i realize my "guest" blogger was a little over the top a few days ago. for the record, i am christian (though a rather disillusioned one). and the person who wrote the guest blog has had people at work picking at him for his views and he finally decided to fight back. it was not a personal attack on anyone and if you read it as such, i am sorry.


Dear Diary,

My daughter told me to vote for Obama this morning. So I did.