girls day

today my mom, two sisters and i met in the twin cities for a wonderful "girls day." i can honestly say i don't remember the last time the four of us got together, just US. no kids, no men, no cousins, grandmas or friends. just mom and her three daughters! our first stop was this restaurant called "the melting pot". the melting pot was my first encounter with the dining experience of fondue. and it is most definitely an experience! my slightly germaphobe self had a bit of trouble with the whole double dipping thing that is bound to happen. but i survived. and it was fun, if nothing else!

next stop was the mall of america. we spent about two hours doing some hard-core shopping. i generally don't mix hard-core shopping and the MOA, but today was an exception to the rule. i had three critics to help me choose, and it was really fun! i got an adorable dress at the gap, and some great work clothes at NY&Co.

our last stop was a movie: a shameless chick-flick. it was all "fluff" and just what i needed. (along with a generous helping of popcorn and a diet coke.) it was kind of fun to zone out and give my brain a rest.

all in all, it was a lovely day. a little bonding time with the fam. i wonder when we'll manage to do it again?


alone doesn't equal lonely

it's saturday night, and i am home alone!!! i bullied the bf into going to a "Halo" (stupid video game) party with some of his friends. he hemmed and hawwed...he's not good at just doing something fun for himself and not feeling guilty. but i wasn't going to miss my chance at a blissfull night alone! i dropped him off with chips and two bottles of coke at six 'o clock. if my luck holds he won't be home till midnight, at the earliest. 

on the agenda for the evening:

shopping for two new sweaters (mission accomplished)
finishing laundry (i know, i know)
burning some mix cds and updating my itunes playlist
catching up on my blog-reading and writing
cranking my itunes and dancing around like the lovely ballerina i am 
comfy pajamas
pumpkin cheesecake
sweet cherry chill wine from lanesboro
reading a good book in bed

time to go tackle more from this list before my time runs out!!!!

the second interview went very well. i'll post more about it sometime soon.



i applied for a new job today. i got a response right away. i have an interview on friday!

the position is still within the same corporation, but at a different company/building. i'm not even sure it's what i'm looking for, but it is definitely worth a shot, right? 

wish me luck, all!