so i ended up canceling the doctor's appointment for kolby on friday and scheduled an appointment with a chiropracter instead. we waited for about 45 minutes to be told this:

1. she would not do an adjustment because she didn't want to flare anything up.
2. if kolby got any worse over the weekend, we were to take him to the emergency room.
3. if kolby developed a fever over the weekend, we were to take him to the emergency room.
4. she wanted him to see a medical doctor and get x-rays.
5. she wouldn't charge us for the visit. (thank GOD.)

my little gimpy boy limped all weekend long. he seemed to be improving yesterday though and today woke up with no limp and no pain. i did schedule an appointment for him with my family practice doctor at the smaller clinic on wednesday for a physical. we will of course tell her about the leg but i don't know if she will be able to tell much now that he is feeling better. but, at least she will meet him and we will begin to acclimate him to the new clinic.

i am hoping this was a fluke and the pain won't flare up again. keep your fingers crossed for us!



so...gimpy is at work with me today. i was awakened at 6:30 this morning by the sound of his crying at the top of the stairs. crying because his leg hurt. it was very alarming. i gave him some tylenol and had him lay down for a while. i made the decision not to take him to daycare today.

currently the clinic i take him to is quite large. he sees a different doc every time we go in, and i don't remember the last time he saw "his" doc. i've never even heard of the doc we took him to see yesterday!

i recently started seeing a new doc at a much smaller clinic in town. the clinic is affiliated with mayo and i know they are good. the are part of a larger network of several clinics as well as the hospital in town. there are only a few doctors there. i called this morning and got him an appointment there for this afternoon. my hope is that we can actually get some consistency in his medical care. i'm tired of explaining things over and over to different doctors. (prior to the leg issue i was taking him in all the time for respiratory issues which he seems to be growing out of, knock on wood!)

so i am trying to get in a few hours of work this morning. thankfully gimpy is fairly easily entertained and hopefully won't bother my co-workers too much. i plan to leave around lunch time and then take him to his 2:30 appointment. i don't know that this doc will find anything either, but i think it will be a step in the right direction. i think i am also going to set up a chiropractic appointment. we have had luck with that for other things in the past.

please send your positive thoughts my way today as i try to muddle my way through this mothering business!


to believe or not to believe...

i had to go and pick my son up from daycare today. they called me in the morning to tell me that he was limping and had leg pain. i knew this, since he started it last night. i knew this, because i just took him to the doctor for the very same thing six weeks ago and it turned out to be NOTHING. i reminded daycare of this and got off the phone.

at 2:00 this afternoon i received an email from daycare, saying my son had woken from his nap and still seemed to be in a lot of pain. they listed out their evidence and i knew i'd have to end up going to get him. i also knew i'd have to take him to the doctor again or risk being called a crappy parent or worse yet, have them scream child abuse.

we waited in the doctors office for over an hour before being seen. the diagnosis? nothing. my son actually giggled when the doc squeezed different parts of his leg to see if it hurt. when he walked down the hallway for her it looked contrived. once again i left the doctor's office feeling annoyed at my child.

the bf and i are arguing over it. he thinks my son is manipulative and should be punished. i do believe my son is quite possibly faking it, but also feel there has to be a meaningful reason why. either his leg really does or has ached, or there is something else bothering him. i got the doc to say that he shouldn't do anything for the rest of the day but lay down. even playing legos would be bad. my son was visably upset at this pronouncement.

when we got home, i made him lay in bed. i let him know i was not happy about the situation. he cried for a few minutes and then fell asleep. i made the decision to miss my daughter's open house at school and her dad took her instead. i didn't want to lug gimpy all over the school. i also decided he would not participate in swimming lessons tonight. i had him go to the daycare room alone while i worked out on the elliptical and ky went to swimming lessons. he cried when we left him and i felt horrible, but i wasn't going to give in. by the time i came to pick him up he was playing happily with another boy, so hopefully i didn't do too much damage.

i really don't know what to think or do. the bf thinks i should be harder on him. we fought on the phone after the doctor's appointment and i hung up on him i was so mad. he called back later and seemed to want to make up, but then proceeded to go off again and said something to the effect of "you've been played by a five year old." so i hung up after uttering some "choice" words.

i am not coddling my son, but i am also not going to be overly mean. what if there really is something wrong? i'm not going to give him special treatment, but i'm not going to yell at him either. it's not my style and i think it does more harm than good. still, it is a frustrating situation and i'm just not sure what is the right thing to do!?!?!?!

stuff and things

is it the weekend yet? cuz i am sooooo ready for it. it will be semi-busy, we have a baptism for my niece on sunday. which means getting up gosh damn early to drive the 1.5 hours to be at church at 9:30. but it will be a lovely time of hanging out with family, so i won't complain. ; )

i also have to study stats this weekend. i've pretty much been slacking off on it this week, and i'm pretty sure i will regret that if i don't make up for it. but for some reason the last two nights i have been so incredibly tired...and i'm not sure why. we've had a really busy week but i have been ready for bed at 9:30 the last couple of nights, and that is unusual.

fitness update: i weighed myself on wednesday morning and i am down 7 pounds from when i started trying three weeks ago. i have been eating very well during the week and keeping track of my calories. i have also been exercising a lot: walks at work, biking with the kids, walks with the bf, elliptical at the gym...it feels really good and i am hoping i can keep it up. three weeks builds a habit, right?


National "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

did you know that today is national talk like a pirate day? me either, until the end of the day yesterday when one of my co-workers suggested we celebrate it. we've had quite a lot of fun with the whole thing, even though the rest of the building thinks we are nuts. (well, okay...they already thought that anyway.)


happy birthday kolby!

today my sweet little boy turns 5. oh how the time has flown! and next month my little girl turns 7. i swear just yesterday they were 2 and 4. absolutely amazing how quickly they grow up.

it was funny dropping kolby off at daycare this morning. apparently one of his best buds turns 5 today too. they both were wearing paper crowns and grinning like crazy. kolby's friend kept hugging him and they were both so incredibly excited! i wish i could bottle that and save it for rainy day. there is nothing more healing than the laughter and excitement of a child!

i will be eating lunch at daycare with kolby and his crown today. i think it's something really delicious like ham pot pie? (gag!) but the kids love to have their parents come and eat with them...makes them feel like a star for a day. the less than gourmet food is worth seeing the happiness on his face.

parenting is a funny thing...some days you can't wait until they grow up...and others you are tearing up at the thought of them leaving some day...


the politics of a 6 year old girl...

“Mom, dad still wants John McCain to win. Why do we want “Brock O Bama” to win? Cuz he’s taller? All John McCain does is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. He’s a chatterbox. He just chats and chats and chats. Brock O Bama has plans. John McCain just talks and talks. Doesn’t he mom? And he doesn’t have any plans. He’s just a chatterbox. Brock O Bama has plans. That’s why we want him to win, right?”

How can you argue with that logic?