happy birthday kolby!

today my sweet little boy turns 5. oh how the time has flown! and next month my little girl turns 7. i swear just yesterday they were 2 and 4. absolutely amazing how quickly they grow up.

it was funny dropping kolby off at daycare this morning. apparently one of his best buds turns 5 today too. they both were wearing paper crowns and grinning like crazy. kolby's friend kept hugging him and they were both so incredibly excited! i wish i could bottle that and save it for rainy day. there is nothing more healing than the laughter and excitement of a child!

i will be eating lunch at daycare with kolby and his crown today. i think it's something really delicious like ham pot pie? (gag!) but the kids love to have their parents come and eat with them...makes them feel like a star for a day. the less than gourmet food is worth seeing the happiness on his face.

parenting is a funny thing...some days you can't wait until they grow up...and others you are tearing up at the thought of them leaving some day...

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Jennifer and Sandi said...

Happy Birthday Kolby and I'll hand your mother a napkin so she can spit out her bites of Ham Pot Pie into!!


- Jennifer