you know it's minnesota cold when...

schools close because of the -24 temp and -40 windchill.

your furnace can't keep up and instead of the 68 you set it at, it reads 62 and falling...


Things I've learned from the bf's absence...

If you aren't a fan off "sappy", then quick...leave this page before it's too late!! :)

He makes me a better parent: the bf is notorious for his impatience and irrational reactions to the kids. When he is around, I am forced to be more patient and calm, because if I loose my cool it can really set him off.

He lets me be the “good cop”: We have gone through a lot of struggles in parenting over the last two years, but I think we are finally starting to really “get” it. We truly are both better parents with the other one around.

He gives me a reason to be neater: The house without him here is a bit of a disaster. I am not by nature an overly neat person, and I can turn off the lights and ignore a mess and decide to deal with it later. Then it just builds and builds! When he is here I WANT to keep things neat and clean. So without him, I am a slob!

He helps me sleep: I am finding that it is nearly impossible for me to sleep well without the bf home with me. I can’t fall sleep and I can’t stay asleep. Subsequently, I have looked like hell all week.

He keeps me sober: I am by no means an alcoholic and typically months can go by before any alcohol passes through these lips. But…due to my difficulties getting to sleep this week this is the THIRD night in a row I have resorted to a “nightcap” to try and help me get some Zzzz’s.

He is my best friend: We have talked on the phone the last two nights for over an hour. I couldn’t believe we had so much to say! But it made me realize how much time we do spend together, talking about everything under the sun. I miss our nightly “unwinding” as we sit on the couch together, (with our laptops, of course!) :-P

He gives me laughter: laughing at him, laughing with him, either way, he makes life more fun.

This trip has been good for both of us. I can’t wait for him to come home tomorrow night! I just pray that the weather will allow him to make it safely and not make him too late. I really miss him and want him back here!


after all was said and done yesterday, a total of 188 people corporation wide were let go from their jobs. this affects several companies in a few states, but most of the layoffs were right here at home.

this morning at work was rough going, but it did get better as the day progressed. there are so many emotions that come with layoffs like this. these are people i worked VERY closely with every day. they sit right next to me in our cozy little room of 6 cubicles. i know about their lives, i know about their families, and we have all become good friends. we were a tight team, and i ache for the rough times i know are ahead for them. despite this though, they are all strong, capable people and i have no doubt they will bounce back. i just wish it didn't have to be like this.


and so it goes

grand total of layoffs at "our" companies today was somewhere close to 100. at least 4 locations were affected that i know of. random people have been emailing me here and there to see if i made the cut. i did get a chance to go for a few drinks with co-workers and one soon to be ex-coworker :( it felt good to get together and vent but it was bittersweet. our small group is very close-knit and i will be very sorry to see this particular person go.

i am sitting home alone now after getting the kids to bed. i am missing the bf and wishing he was here to talk to! it's just me and the dog, and she doesn't have much to say. i have not slept well the past two nights with him gone and then worries about work, and i'm not sure tonight will be any better. i am not much of a drinker but am considering a very strong nightcap to put this mind of mine to rest!


random updates

The bf’s ex wife got engaged over New Years. They are planning for a February 14th wedding. In 2009! Yep. Planning a wedding in less than two months just to do it on the sappiest of sappy days of the year. Brilliant.

The impending marriage of the bf’s ex puts a bit of a damper on my “I won’t marry you until your ex is married” excuse. Dang.

School starts again next week. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time off and have taken advantage of it by reading several “just for fun” books. I will miss reading books for fun. Because, Economics? Not so much fun.

I have officially succumbed to the cultural “phenomenon” that is “Twilight”. One of my gifts from the bf for Christmas was the first book in the series. And then he bought me the second. I am now partway through the third book…and the fourth is awaiting me on the bookshelf. It hurts me to admit this.

The bf is on his very first “big” trip for work. He is in Atlanta this week. When I am traveling away from home without him, I actually sleep very well. When I am at home alone without him, apparently not so much. I did not get to sleep easily last night nor did I sleep well once I finally did drift off into the land of slumber.

I’m still fairly certain layoffs are coming tomorrow. There have been many, many signs (as well as the usual rumors). It’s hard to be productive today and tomorrow will be worse, not knowing exactly what is coming. I would prefer that they rip the band-aid off quickly, but I have a feeling it will be a long, drawn out afternoon of paranoia.

My New Year’s resolution to get healthy is off to a bit of a stumbling start. Lack of sleep is making a workout seem like an unbearable idea. Right now all I can think of is sleep. I am eating okay but not great. I have a feeling this will be a slow process…