Things I've learned from the bf's absence...

If you aren't a fan off "sappy", then quick...leave this page before it's too late!! :)

He makes me a better parent: the bf is notorious for his impatience and irrational reactions to the kids. When he is around, I am forced to be more patient and calm, because if I loose my cool it can really set him off.

He lets me be the “good cop”: We have gone through a lot of struggles in parenting over the last two years, but I think we are finally starting to really “get” it. We truly are both better parents with the other one around.

He gives me a reason to be neater: The house without him here is a bit of a disaster. I am not by nature an overly neat person, and I can turn off the lights and ignore a mess and decide to deal with it later. Then it just builds and builds! When he is here I WANT to keep things neat and clean. So without him, I am a slob!

He helps me sleep: I am finding that it is nearly impossible for me to sleep well without the bf home with me. I can’t fall sleep and I can’t stay asleep. Subsequently, I have looked like hell all week.

He keeps me sober: I am by no means an alcoholic and typically months can go by before any alcohol passes through these lips. But…due to my difficulties getting to sleep this week this is the THIRD night in a row I have resorted to a “nightcap” to try and help me get some Zzzz’s.

He is my best friend: We have talked on the phone the last two nights for over an hour. I couldn’t believe we had so much to say! But it made me realize how much time we do spend together, talking about everything under the sun. I miss our nightly “unwinding” as we sit on the couch together, (with our laptops, of course!) :-P

He gives me laughter: laughing at him, laughing with him, either way, he makes life more fun.

This trip has been good for both of us. I can’t wait for him to come home tomorrow night! I just pray that the weather will allow him to make it safely and not make him too late. I really miss him and want him back here!

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EmFabulousFunshine said...

awww...I love when you can count the reasons why something is so good. it's good having someone who completes you...even if they don't seem to know it, as in my case :-/