after all was said and done yesterday, a total of 188 people corporation wide were let go from their jobs. this affects several companies in a few states, but most of the layoffs were right here at home.

this morning at work was rough going, but it did get better as the day progressed. there are so many emotions that come with layoffs like this. these are people i worked VERY closely with every day. they sit right next to me in our cozy little room of 6 cubicles. i know about their lives, i know about their families, and we have all become good friends. we were a tight team, and i ache for the rough times i know are ahead for them. despite this though, they are all strong, capable people and i have no doubt they will bounce back. i just wish it didn't have to be like this.

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Maurey said...

We had a few layoffs this week as well. Tough, tough, tough. I hate to see anyone out of wor in this economy.