and so it goes

grand total of layoffs at "our" companies today was somewhere close to 100. at least 4 locations were affected that i know of. random people have been emailing me here and there to see if i made the cut. i did get a chance to go for a few drinks with co-workers and one soon to be ex-coworker :( it felt good to get together and vent but it was bittersweet. our small group is very close-knit and i will be very sorry to see this particular person go.

i am sitting home alone now after getting the kids to bed. i am missing the bf and wishing he was here to talk to! it's just me and the dog, and she doesn't have much to say. i have not slept well the past two nights with him gone and then worries about work, and i'm not sure tonight will be any better. i am not much of a drinker but am considering a very strong nightcap to put this mind of mine to rest!

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EmFabulousFunshine said...

its good that you didn't get cut. i hope you start sleeping better soon!