racial irony

saturday night we were invited to dinner at the home of the bf's dad and step-mom. the plan was to celebrate easter, a birthday and a recent graduate. we marked it on the calendar and planned to attend with all four of the kids. 

saturday morning we got a call from the bf's dad. the bf let it go to voice mail. upon checking his voice mail, the bf groaned and replayed it over for me to hear. it went something like this:

"i am just calling to let you know that "the graduate" (the bf's step-sister) is dating a "black gentleman" and is planning to bring him and his young daughter for dinner this evening. i just thought i'd give you a head's up so you can tell the kids about it. i don't want them to be shocked when they walk in the house."


besides this being a totally sad, white bread, minnesota response, it is also extremely ironic considering this fact: THE BF IS FREAKING ASIAN! (adopted from korea by his white bread parents.)

needless to say, the bf and i didn't say anything to the kids. and were they shocked when they walked in? nope. and it made me very proud.