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so, i signed up to take my week-long, pay-free furlough. march 9th through march 13th i am to have absolutely no contact with work. no phone calls, no checking emails, no contact at all. i don’t remember the last time I took off work without checking emails at the very least, so this should be very interesting!

i’m really not angry or bitter about the unpaid furlough like some people are. i wouldn’t say I’m happy about it either, but I understand the reasoning behind it. and i would rather take some time off unpaid than lose my job completely, you know? plus, at our location, most of our non-salaried employees have had to make sacrifices in their hours already. i guess this just feels like my turn to do my part.

so far I don’t really have any big plans for the furlough. i am thinking about possibly taking one day and keeping the kids out of school to have a “fun” day together. maybe go swimming at the Y and then visit the huge new arcade/bowling/mini golf, etc. place in town. or, head up to the zoo if the weather is decent. (i think kyleigh can miss out on one day of 1st grade without worrying too much, right?) i also plan to tackle some household chores during that week, which is not fun but is satisfying nonetheless.

oddly, i’m almost looking forward to this time away from work, even though it will put a strain on my dwindling savings account. i have had some huge motivation issues lately with everything that is going on in the corporation. it might just be nice to get away for a week with “no contact”.


fitness update

well, one workout down!

tonight i did my "wedding workout" video from women's health. the video has always been tough for me, but holy crappers did tonight prove i'm SO out of shape! ugh!

but i made it through, and i'm ready to tackle cycling class tomorrow!

weekend reflection

our weekend was remarkably good! it was a "kid" weekend and we had a full house with the bf's two kids and mine. things can get crowded and tense on "kid weekends", but this weekend was actually really good.

saturday we took them all ice skating at the indoor rink in our area. it was the first time skating for my two, and the second for his two. i fell on my arse once, as did the bf. (but only once!) the kids fell a ton, but they had a blast! (i guess it's not as big of a deal to fall when you don't have so far to go.) unfortunately, we brought the camera and the batteries AND extra batteries were dead. so we don't have any pics. but it was definitely a good time! i think we'll do it again.

yesterday we met the bf's dad in a nearby town and went bowling. that was quite fun too! i had two of the best bowling games of my life. well over 100, which is great for me. i generally struggle to hit 100 at all. (though it's not like we bowl a lot) we all had a lot of fun and will have to do that again soon.

the bf's youngest child has his birthday coming up this week. we will be getting together with them this week to celebrate. i'm kind of bummed that i will have to miss my second cycling session though. (my first one is tuesday and the second one is supposed to be thursday.) but of course a birthday is more important than fixing my jiggling thighs. ; ) i'll just have to do something else this week to make up for it.

i suppose i should get some work done. hope you all had a great weekend!


in need of shrinkage

as a kick start to my MUCH needed fitness rebirth, i have signed up for cycling classes at the local YMCA. starting next week, i am going to have my but kicked every tuesday and thursday after work. friends who have taken the class literally describe it as a butt kicking workout. just what i need.

in addition, i am trying to work out a schedule to keep me moving a few other days a week as well. it goes something like this:

monday: workout dvd or hour long walk or ride outside, weather allowing.
tuesday: cycling
wednesday: rest...homework
thursday: cycling
friday: rest
saturday: elliptical or treadmill or both (at the Y)
sunday: outside activity, weather allowing

i need to work out some kind of rules about my laptop in the evenings, too. ever since i got it about a year ago i have been spending way too much time with my butt on the couch. granted, some of the time is spent doing homework, which is necessary. but a lot of time is also spent wasting time on the internet and widening my ass. it must stop!

so, i pledge to you my intention to get off my ass and shrink it some. wish me luck!

happy friday

can i just say that i'm SOOOOO glad it's friday?

okay, thanks!




one one hand, i'm not happy about the furlough.

on the other hand, it can't happen soon enough.



i'm back.

i have decided to go back to a public blog...kind of pointless to have a private one when everyone is on it anyway! i didn't realize so many of you loved me so much! *sniff*

to be continued!