weekend reflection

our weekend was remarkably good! it was a "kid" weekend and we had a full house with the bf's two kids and mine. things can get crowded and tense on "kid weekends", but this weekend was actually really good.

saturday we took them all ice skating at the indoor rink in our area. it was the first time skating for my two, and the second for his two. i fell on my arse once, as did the bf. (but only once!) the kids fell a ton, but they had a blast! (i guess it's not as big of a deal to fall when you don't have so far to go.) unfortunately, we brought the camera and the batteries AND extra batteries were dead. so we don't have any pics. but it was definitely a good time! i think we'll do it again.

yesterday we met the bf's dad in a nearby town and went bowling. that was quite fun too! i had two of the best bowling games of my life. well over 100, which is great for me. i generally struggle to hit 100 at all. (though it's not like we bowl a lot) we all had a lot of fun and will have to do that again soon.

the bf's youngest child has his birthday coming up this week. we will be getting together with them this week to celebrate. i'm kind of bummed that i will have to miss my second cycling session though. (my first one is tuesday and the second one is supposed to be thursday.) but of course a birthday is more important than fixing my jiggling thighs. ; ) i'll just have to do something else this week to make up for it.

i suppose i should get some work done. hope you all had a great weekend!

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