so, i signed up to take my week-long, pay-free furlough. march 9th through march 13th i am to have absolutely no contact with work. no phone calls, no checking emails, no contact at all. i don’t remember the last time I took off work without checking emails at the very least, so this should be very interesting!

i’m really not angry or bitter about the unpaid furlough like some people are. i wouldn’t say I’m happy about it either, but I understand the reasoning behind it. and i would rather take some time off unpaid than lose my job completely, you know? plus, at our location, most of our non-salaried employees have had to make sacrifices in their hours already. i guess this just feels like my turn to do my part.

so far I don’t really have any big plans for the furlough. i am thinking about possibly taking one day and keeping the kids out of school to have a “fun” day together. maybe go swimming at the Y and then visit the huge new arcade/bowling/mini golf, etc. place in town. or, head up to the zoo if the weather is decent. (i think kyleigh can miss out on one day of 1st grade without worrying too much, right?) i also plan to tackle some household chores during that week, which is not fun but is satisfying nonetheless.

oddly, i’m almost looking forward to this time away from work, even though it will put a strain on my dwindling savings account. i have had some huge motivation issues lately with everything that is going on in the corporation. it might just be nice to get away for a week with “no contact”.

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