in need of shrinkage

as a kick start to my MUCH needed fitness rebirth, i have signed up for cycling classes at the local YMCA. starting next week, i am going to have my but kicked every tuesday and thursday after work. friends who have taken the class literally describe it as a butt kicking workout. just what i need.

in addition, i am trying to work out a schedule to keep me moving a few other days a week as well. it goes something like this:

monday: workout dvd or hour long walk or ride outside, weather allowing.
tuesday: cycling
wednesday: rest...homework
thursday: cycling
friday: rest
saturday: elliptical or treadmill or both (at the Y)
sunday: outside activity, weather allowing

i need to work out some kind of rules about my laptop in the evenings, too. ever since i got it about a year ago i have been spending way too much time with my butt on the couch. granted, some of the time is spent doing homework, which is necessary. but a lot of time is also spent wasting time on the internet and widening my ass. it must stop!

so, i pledge to you my intention to get off my ass and shrink it some. wish me luck!