still kickin

just stopping in quick to say i'm still alive...i know you were all probably really worried. (ha!) i've been busy getting acclimated to my new job and new schedule. for the most part i am loving it...but the getting up an hour early not so much! i'm trying to slowly shift my bedtime earlier, which has been hard. the bf is a night owl and i am a "reformed" night owl. it's definitely a work in progress.

in other news, i have recently become a bona fide soccer mom. with the changes to my schedule as well as soccer practices and games for both kids we are busy busy busy. i will start school again in 2 weeks and that will only add to the chaos. here's to hoping i can handle it all and still retain my sanity. (whatever sanity i have left, that is!)

another change is that the bf's two boys are spending more time here for the summer. we are currently in the middle of a 12 day stint with them. it definitely shakes things up around here in both good and bad ways. for example, i came home today to heaps of wet clothes on my laundry room floor and two "good" bath towels that have mysterious dirt stains all over them. lol. but they also help with some household chores which is nice. i guess we just need to work on finding a good balance. and i'm sure we will.


bittersweet goodbyes

kyleigh, upon learning i am getting a new job:

"but you are going to miss your FRIENDS mom!"

young but wise, that one. young but wise.


search and ye shall find

how sad is it that i turn up on the first page of results when someone types this:

employment law "pay decrease" minnesota

all i can say is: sigh.

2.5 days and counting...

in true company t fashion, there has been some confusion regarding who will be taking over my responsibilities when i leave. i was told one thing, and other people were told something else. gah!

yesterday i sat through an absolutely excruciating meeting with a very high strung girl from another company who is going to be helping out with my stuff while i am gone. the problem is, i was told she will be "helping out" and she was told she will be "taking over". i asked my manager to clarify last week and was given the "helping out" response. but she is gone this week on furlough and is unable to re-clarify. so i am stuck with ms. high strung and her: WHY? BUT WHY? I DON'T UNDERSTAND? BUT HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? WHERE DOES THAT GO? WHY? WHY? HOW COME? about every little thing. and i am not exaggerating. during our meeting i was dreaming up reasons to get the hell away, like faking a bathroom emergency. it would have been worth any embarrassment. trust me.

of course questions are good when you are learning something new. i'm okay with that. but this girl focuses in on the wrong things and totally freaks out. kind of gets angry, really. i am normally a pretty calm person, but i came very close to flipping my lid completely yesterday afternoon. to top it off, this girl has the most whiny, breathless voice i have ever heard from an adult human being. this is not an exaggeration either...everyone who meets her comments on how her voice is kind of like fingernails on a chalkboard. she almost gave me a panic attack. i've never had one before, but meeting with her was the closest i've ever come to one, i'm sure of it.

i was looking forward to a last week of packing, organizing and goodbyes. and now? well, now i'm dreaming up ways to escape even sooner. swine flu, anyone?


3.5 days and counting...

only 3.5 days left for me at company t! and of course, i am getting requests up the wazoo when all i really want to do is tidy and pack. it's funny how some people decide to bombard you at the last minute. ; )

i am soooo looking forward to having my week off in between jobs. it will probably be the last real time off i get for a while. i guess my starting a new job over the summer is kind of bad timing! it will suck not to really have any days off when the weather is nice. oh well, it's the price i have to pay.

employees at our parent company were told on friday that they are getting a temporary pay decrease for june and july that is equivalent to a week off unpaid. they can take 5 days off during june and july in return. it just adds fuel to the fire for me and makes me even more glad i am leaving. as i was cleaning out my emails i found more than 50 notices of plant closings and layoffs within our corporation from the last year and a half. probably kind of morbid for me to have saved them, but again...more fuel for the fire!

i know things are rough pretty much everywhere, but i stopped respecting the leadership at company t a long time ago, and it feels really good to know i will soon be free of it all. i just wish i could take all of my friends along with me!


four days from now the bf and i will be heading to the airport, ready for a little weekend vacation here:

i can't wait! what a way to kick off my departure from company t!!!


california dreamin'...(or maybe hawaiian dreamin'?)

fingers crossed!

today my brother-in-law is interviewing for a job with my new employer. they still have two positions to fill for another catalog and i think he would be perfect for the job. keep your fingers crossed for him!

i don't know if i ever ran down the list of hoops i had to go through in order to get this position...but here is a (long, long) list.

1. contacted by recruiter on linkedin
2. phone interview with recruiter
3. interview in minneapolis with recruiter
4. complete assessment tests and 6 interview questions (excel and word)
5. interview in edina with my soon to be manager
6. interviews in owatonna:
a. other manager
b. creative dept (2 people)
c. procurement dept (2 people)
d. category managers (2 people)
7. assessment tests on computer (same day as owatonna interviews)
8. psychological evaluation / assessment testing in downtown minneapolis
9. interview with president of the company in edina.

and these were only the physical things i had to do. there was also calling of my references, background checks and more!

so yeah....there is no doubt that i earned this one. it was a pain in the arse during the process, but it sure feels good now!


a welcome "basket"

okay, so i am posting this all over the place, but i'm so excited!!! i came home to this today:

definitely makes me feel that all the hoops i had to jump through to get this job were very well worth it. what company does this??? none i have worked for, that's for sure! what a great way to make a new employee feel welcome. i am impressed and even more excited to start my new position june 1st!!


I got a new job!! Starting June 1st, I will be working as a Category Manager on this line: Play with a Purpose

My last day of my current job is Thursday, May 21. On May 22 the bf and I fly to Chicago for a little weekend getaway. The following week I have off, and then will start the new job on Monday, June 1st.

We have started to get our townhouse ready to try and sell it. Putting up shelving in the garage, sheet rock and shelving in the laundry room, painting and redoing the downstairs bathroom. We want to move to a bigger house that is closer to the kids' school. It won't be any closer to my new job (45 minutes away) but it would still save driving time since I wouldn't have to travel 15 minutes every morning just to get the kids dropped off.

I'm not sure how well the selling will go, there are a lot of homes exactly like ours and the value has gone down. But ours will have some special "perks" that the others don't. Hopefully it won't take more than 6 months to sell, but even if it takes that long or longer, we'll make it work somehow!!!


cinco de mayo from a 7 year old's perspective

last night my kids were talking about cinco de mayo at the dinner table. i listened in as my 7 year old described the holiday to her younger brother. pretty cute and not too far off, either!

"cinco de mayo is celebrated in mexico because the mexicans fought the french. i think it was because the french said that mexico owed them some money. and the french were busy building the statue of liberty. and then the mexicans and the french fought a battle in mexico because the french wanted money. and the mexicans won. so that is why they celebrate cinco de mayo."

not too shabby! the statue of liberty part was funny, and it was pretty cute listening to her lecturing tone while she was explaining this to her brother. : )


toothless wonder!

my baby boy lost his two front teeth yesterday! they were both loose, but not quite ready to come out...until the boys started wrestling around yesterday afternoon and one of them rolled over poor kolby's head! he came upstairs bleeding and crying with teeth even more loose than they were before. it took some work on the part of the bf and some bravery on the part of my poor boy, but both teeth came out. after the initial shock, my boy was so proud of those two teeth!

kolby was even more excited this morning when he looked under his pillow and found a prize from the tooth fairy. he woke me up this morning by standing in front of me holding his loot. it's so fun to see the kids get so excited!


Pioneer Woman Rolls = YUM!!!!

I made these last night and they were SOOO goooood!!!

(Image from The Pioneer Woman Cooks)

The recipe came from The Pioneer Woman and you can find it here.

Mine were a little different, I used cream cheese frosting because I do not care for maple. Also, I cut the recipe in half. It STILL made five round pans full of gooey luscious cinnamon rolls! I dropped some off for my sis and her family on the way to work this morning. I left some for the "day care ladies" at my son's daycare center. I brought some to share at work. I left a pan full at home. Cinnamon rolls everywhere! Death by cinnamon rolls...doesn't sound too bad!



I opened this fortune from a yummy little fortune cookie today:

"Your present plans are going to succeed."

If this is true, my friends, then I am destined to be a very happy girl indeed!

just a little (but much needed) vaca...

today i finalized the plans and reservations for a little memorial weekend trip to chicago for the bf and i. we will take the day off work that friday and fly out from the twin cities at 11:30. (should give us time to get the kids dropped off at school/daycare and then head for the airport.) we will fly back in to mn around 8:00 on sunday night...which will give us monday to recover before heading back to work on tuesday.

it's been too long since the bf and i had a nice little vacation together. and this one is CHEAP. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that southwest has started flying out of the twin cities. round trip to chicago for about $120!!! can't beat it!!

the bf's sister lives in chicago too, so we will definitely spend some time with her. the bf has never been to chicago and i've only been there for a business trip, so it should be fun. it's always nice to just get away though, no matter what we do!

does anyone have any tips on "must see" or "must do" while we are there for the weekend?


too funny not to share!

This is courtesy of my sister tonight while she was trying to explain her genealogy to my Niece B:

"So I'm 1/4 Swedish, 1/4 German, 1/4 Norwegian, and 1/4 English."

Niece M: "And I'm 1/2 Chinese!"

Nephew E: "And I'll have macaroni and chicken!"

*honestly? i nearly peed my pants over this.

growing up

yet another sign this morning of how fast my kids are growing up. this heard in the back seat on the way to school and work this morning:

"raise your hand if you HATE dora the explorer!"

(two hands go up)

guess it's time to pack away the dora umbrella and other lingering dora items of yesteryear. sigh...


mixed emotions

i am trying to write an email to kolby's current daycare telling them that he will be leaving there in june to attend daycare at the elementary school with his sister. since he is going into kindergarten in the fall, he is eligible to go to the same daycare as kyleigh, and this is what he wants to do. believe me, i've asked repeatedly. because even though it will be more convenient having them together, it makes me so SAD that he is leaving GH!

kolby has been at his current daycare (GH) since he was just under two...about four years ago now! we have had a few minor rough patches but overall it has been a wonderful place for the kids! (kyleigh went there for a couple of years too.)

so i am seriously tearing up writing the email. moving kolby out of GH daycare is just another sign of how fast the kids are growing up. that and the fact that i now have to literally chase kolby down for a hug when i drop him off in the mornings. (this from the kid who would kiss my cheek just a few months ago.) they will have preschool graduation in a month or so too, and i shudder to think of the wreck i will be on that day. i may just have to wear sunglasses.

there are so many things in life that i manage to NOT get emotional about. but when it comes to my kids i can be reduced to a big puddle of mush. now...i suppose i should get back to that email. sigh. *sob*


don't you just hate it when...

don't you just hate it when you are paying for your food at subway...and you pick up your change only to notice that you have dropped a pantyliner from your purse onto the counter while putting said change away? and then the poor guy at the cash register looks at you like you have two heads?

not that i know what this feels like, of course...


things heard (and seen) while watching 5 kids...

yesterday i had the day off work to watch three of my sister's kids as well as my own two. we went to their house at 8:00 and were scheduled to be there till 5:00. let me start by saying i love these kids. all of them. my nieces and nephews all have their own wonderful personalities and traits, as do my own children. the ages of the kids i had yesterday were 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7. do you know how LOUD that can get? just checkin. and also pretty funny. i loved the moments of "raise your hand if you want to eat dessert pizza every day!" or "i had to come inside and go potty cuz i was starting to do the potty dance outside." i also got a pretty good chuckle out of catching my 4 year old nephew in the wide open spaces of the neighbor's yard with his pants down around his ankles, ready to relive himself in front of God and everybody. oh, the stories we will have to tell these kids when they get older!

as much as i enjoyed my time with the kiddos, i have to admit to being somewhat relieved to be back to the grind today. i am one of those people who would go nuts staying home with the kids every day. kudos to those of you who do!


fitness update

my fitness rebirth continues to go well! i really rock it during the week, getting some form of exercise in daily. here is what this week looks like:

monday: 30 min walk, 40 minute exercise dvd
tuesday: 30 min walk, 2 mile outdoor run
wednesday: 30 min walk, 30 min elliptical, 30 min dvd
thursday: 30 min walk, 2 mile outdoor run
friday: 30 min walk, 30 min elliptical
saturday: 2.5 mile outdoor run
sunday: easter pigging out! (well, i'll try not to eat TOO much.)

i continue to watch calories very carefully during the week too. it's definitely not fun, but the more i exercise the more i crave the healthy stuff, so that helps. i am finally starting to see some results on the scale, so that helps with motivation too! i still have quite a way to go until i reach my ultimate goal, but i think i can get there!


weekend of fun

we took the kids to stay in a hotel in the twin cities this weekend. it's always a challenge for us to find a place the we and our four (combined) kids can stay for a decent price and all fit in the same room! i did some research though and came up with this place:

Residence Inn Minneapolis / Edina

the reviews i read stated that the hotel was "dated", but had a huge pool and also a great indoor kids play area attached.

it was a bit of a hassle to get to the pool. the hotel is connected to some senior apartments and there is a whole indoor courtyard that has indoor picnic and play areas, swimming pool and awesome indoor running track and exercise room. this part is available to the public, so you have to get special passes to get down there. the pool and exercise area was included with our room, but the play area was extra. $6 per kid for all day, but definitely worth it!

our room was awesome. a separate bedroom with two double beds, a living room area with a couch bed. full kitchen area including a dishwasher. there was a great free breakfast in the morning. the front desk staff was amazingly friendly. we were very close to our beloved southdale mall...who could ask for anything more??

the price we paid was less than $100, so it was an awesome deal overall. the kids were super happy with everything and i could definitely see us going back there again!


up and running!

i finally got up the nerve to tell the bf that my old ipod nano was either lost and/or stolen a few months ago. i figured i better tell him, since i bought this last night to aid me in getting back to running:

the bf wasn't mad at all, his only worry was that i got a good enough deal on it. being the "mac guru" and all, he wanted to make sure that i hadn't gotten gypped. when he was satisfied that i got a decent price, he helped me stock up on some good workout tunes. very sweet.

i took it out on a test run last night. i still had this from a couple of years ago, and it works great with this new nano:

it keeps track of distance, pace, calories and more. i love it!

a good friend asked me yesterday if i'd be interested in running a 10k with her on Memorial Day. i'm not sure whether or not i'll be ready for that...based on last night's pace it seems not. but i'll go another week or so before i make a final decision. either way, i'm excited to get back to it!


are you sure you want someone impatient?

not that i was looking for me, of course, but i happened to come across this job listing and got a huge laugh out of it. so i thought i'd share. i can be generous like that sometimes.

Job Title: Impatient DRG Coder

N/A / Yearly

Mancato, MN


Zip Code:

A minimum of two years inpatient coding experience required.
A minimum of five years inpatient coding experience preferred.

RHIT (Registered Health Information
Technician) or RHIT eligible, RHIA
(Registered Health Information
Administrator) or RHIA eligible, CCS
(Certified Coding Specialist) or CCA
required. Extensive experience or successful
completion of the AHIMA coding course
may be substituted for required education or
passage of the exam within one year of hire.
Special Skills

Note: Please mention Get Medical Records Jobs (GetMedicalRecordsJobs.com) in your cover letter when applying.

my house of cards

i'm having some definite issues with work-life-school balance lately. the days are filled and flying by.

working out

there are times i feel so strong, and like i can handle anything. and there are other times that i feel like i am a delicate house of cards, just blow and i will tumble to the ground. sometimes i feel like i have bitten off more than i can chew, single parenting and full time work along with school and everything else is tough. i have no social life to speak of. (friends? what friends?) my house needs a serious once-over and reorganization. the scrapbooks and materials i bought for the kids have not seen the light of day in a year. i need to get spring/summer clothing out and winter clothing packed away.

while there is a lot i am getting done, there is also so much more that i'm not.

i am learning that while i can do a lot, i can't do it all. and really i hate that i can't do it all. it drives my inner overachiever crazy. and it think it drives the bf even crazier.


every other weekend

it's not very often that i actually have to watch the kids leave for their weekends with their dad. usually he picks them up directly from school on fridays, which is convenient for me and also avoids emotional responses on my part.

in the early days of our divorce, i had a really hard time dropping the kids off at daycare on his fridays, knowing that i wouldn't be seeing them again until sunday night. they were so little then, just 2 and 4. and i hated the thought of not seeing them for two days.

these days it's gotten a little easier. the kids are 5 and 7, and though of course i love them just as much as ever, and there are times when i am frankly quite READY to have a little break from them. sometimes i swear they are purposely extra bratty as their "dad weekends" approach. like it's their way of making it easier on me.

but, this time around, i've been home with sick little kolby for two days. he is doing better this afternoon, and his dad stopped here to pick him up a few minutes ago for their weekend together. and just as soon as they walked out the door the waterworks began! i am sitting here feeling sad and lonely and already missing my boy. :(

so yeah, the one "perk" of divorce is sometimes the worst part. being without the kids for an entire weekend. i guess i should feel lucky that their dad has no real interest in anything beyond every other weekend. it would kill me not to see them for a week at a time, like some parents do, trading out every other week. because as much as they can be a big pain in my tush, there is no way i could live without them for that long!


home sick

i've been home with a sickie the past two days, but haven't really felt compelled to write anything. i think my brain sort of goes to mush when i don't get out and interact enough in the adult world! i can't take the puker anywhere of course, so it's just to two of us chillin on the couch and taking in yet another viewing of "Toy Story 2", his movie of choice for the moment.

now, i should be taking this opportunity to get some things done around the house. the laundry is calling my name, and i can hear it very clearly. the rest of the house could use some tidying as well. and i have bucketloads of homework i need to work on. but somehow, i am absorbing the tendencies of the sickie next to me on the couch and am totally vegging out.

i see that the sun is making an appearance, however brief it may be. hopefully that will snap me out of my funk and into some sort of productive action yet this afternoon!


antisocial tendencies

back in high school, i was all about partying. i was a joker in class, i could be pretty loud and obnoxious at times. i loved being around a crowd of people and lived for parties on the weekends.

in college, this tendency to party waned somewhat, but being part of group activities on the weekends was still a pretty regular part of life. i drank less than most of my friends, but still took part in their shenanigans.

these days, i am reluctant to attend group gatherings. i hate committing to any kind of outing. what usually sounds the best to me is spending time with family or hanging out alone with the bf. no pressure, just pure relaxation and the chance to be nothing but myself. the bf tries to push me to do more things, but honestly i am happy to be somewhat antisocial. but...

when an event comes up and i actually get myself to go, i nearly always have fun. like the outing with my work group a couple of weeks ago. i dragged my feet about going and yet ended up having a blast! or the shower i went to this weekend. i was reluctant to leave the kids and the bf but ended up having a great time laughing with the girls and ooohhhing and aaahhhhing over adorable baby stuff.

note to self: just try it, you'll like it!



last night on the drive home the kids were chattering as usual. for some reason, kyleigh asked me if I had a webkinz (stuffed toy with an internet component, for those who aren't familiar with it) when i was little. i told her no, we didn't even have the internet when i was her age. in great disbelief she replied, WHOA! she then asked me if we had nintendo ds when i was little, to which i also replied no. she then started on a whole list items, which made me realize two things.

1) Life sure has changed a lot since i was younger.
2) Yep, it's official. I am OLD!


well, hell....

when i look back on my big to do list of plans for this week, i can't say i'm not a little disappointed at my progress. (or lack thereof)

i did tackle #2 on the list, and have photographic evidence of that fact:

i should have taken a "before" picture for the full effect, but let's just suffice to say this project took me nearly all day yesterday.

the only other thing i have been able to knock off this list is #9. this one wasn't at the top of my priority list though. ;-P

i have 8 hours left and am hoping to work on #3, #4 and possibly #1. this would be in addition to dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing every room in the house, as well as laundry and possibly steam cleaning the carpets. i know if i get my butt off the couch right this minute and get to work i actually have some hope of accomplishing these tasks. the key is getting my butt off the couch.

also, i bought myself these for motivation:

okay, okay, so now i am off to get shit done!


furlough update

i'm back from rochester. mom's surgery went very well, though the tumor was a bit larger than they originally thought. it ended up being the size of a grapefruit! the surgeons thought it looked benign, but we won't know for sure until the biopsy results come back on monday. keep your fingers crossed that it turns out well!

i am WAY behind on my "to do" list for the week, but i'm very glad i went to spend the day with mom, of course. she was in great spirits and was actually pretty funny hopped up on her narcotic painkillers. mom always has a great sense of humor, and she was funnier than ever when the surgery was over.

the diet plan hasn't been going so well this week either, but i'm keeping up on the exercise as much as possible. i am finding it more difficult to hold to a healthy diet without the routine of work...i imagine when i get back next week it will be easier to stick to a plan.

i have some dreaded accounting homework tonight, and then i'm going to try and tackle something from my list. i plan to work my butt off for the next two days getting as much done as possible before the bf comes home friday night. wish me luck, i'll need it!


change of plans

yesterday i got a phone call that changed my "big plans" for next week. you see, my mom has been really sick for a few months. she can't eat without her body retaliating with excruciating stomach pain. she has missed work a lot, on and off here and there, depending on when her body decides to attack. i saw her last weekend and she looked gaunt and downright haggard. even so, she was in great spirits, as my mom nearly always is. she is one of those very good at "smiling through the pain."

mom has gone to the doctor. the pain was bad enough one night that she went to the emergency room. she suspected it was her gallbladder, which she'd had problems with in the past, but the tests came out okay...so the doctors just scratched their heads and sent her on her way. she was turned down for an appointment to a specialist that her regular doctor referred her to. all the while she was feeling miserable. the rest of us were outraged and angry that the doctors were letting her continue on this way, when there was clearly something very wrong.

finally this week mom was able to meet with her savior. she called yesterday to let me know the results. her gallbladder is in fact diseased and needs to be removed. it is likely the reason for the majority of her symptoms. but along with that, she has a baseball sized tumor near an ovary. they don't know yet whether it is cancerous. she is having surgery on tuesday to have both removed. we will know more about the tumor then.

i am very glad that they finally found out what was wrong. i am very angry that it took them so long and they made her suffer longer than was necessary. i am very terrified that the tumor could be cancerous, since it runs in our family and my mom's brother had it.

tuesday i will be at mayo in rochester, sitting with my stepdad while the surgery takes place. praying that everything goes well and that there is no cancer. mom's parents are 79 and 84, and i'm counting on her to be around for a hell of a lot longer.


big plans

i can't believe next week is my furlough already! the bf is going to be out of town for work, so it's just me and the kids all week. i have a feeling the week will fly by, i have so many plans!

here is a partial list:

1. finish painting the entryway. (for the love of pete, this has been "partially" done for like, a year now. i should post a pic of how awful it looks. maybe i will have to do before/after shots.)

2. clean/organize the pantry. (this seems to be a yearly task. again, i should do before and after pics.)

3. clean/orgainze the kids' rooms. thin out the clothes and toys and donate some. (it's disgraceful how much stuff they have right now, really)

4. clean/organize my bedroom closet. (no pics. seriously, no one should be exposed to this.)

5. list entertainment center on craigslist. (probably take a big loss, but will gain room in the garage.)

6. hang up pictures. (i have been in my house for over two years and the walls are still quite sparse. i have a hard time hanging things because i'm afraid i won't like it, will need to move it, and will then have holes all over the walls. it's an issue, really.)

7. go to the Y every day. (two days are cycling class anyway.)

8. have a fun "playing hooky" day with the kids one day.

9. read the new book the bf bought for me.

10. research and cook healthy meals.

11. hang out at barnes & noble for an hour or two.

12. visit with my baby sis, maybe walk the mall with her a bit.

seriously, this is just a partial list. i'll let you know how it goes!


a new challenge

i bought these over my lunch hour today:
Asics Kayano 15

i am thinking i might use them to do this:

Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon/Half Marathon, December 6th 2009

teacher sis and her friend are planning to go. this would be my first marathon experience...i would probably go for the half. makes me nervous thinking about it; what a goal! but if little sis can do it, i can too, right?


no use crying over spilled....coffee?

this morning i awoke feeling extra groggy and tired. I got out of bed and plodded up the stairs to rouse the kids and get their breakfast ready. both kids were curled snug in their beds and seemed just as happy about getting up as i was. after getting their breakfast on the table, i got my morning coffee going and plodded back down the stairs to hop into the shower.

after rushing through my morning hygiene, (we were running a little late) i went back upstairs to pour my coffee into my beloved migo. upon arriving in the kitchen, i noticed that there was coffee and grounds all over the counter. a closer look revealed that i had forgotten to actually place the POT in it's place, thus causing the coffee to brew itself all over the countertop. what a mess! depressed about no morning coffee and running even more far behind, i rounded up the kids and headed out for work and school.

i am hoping this isn't a sign of what my entire day is going to be like...


Mankato Food Coop?

If you live in the Mankato area and think this would be a good idea:

Please fill out the survey here:




so, i signed up to take my week-long, pay-free furlough. march 9th through march 13th i am to have absolutely no contact with work. no phone calls, no checking emails, no contact at all. i don’t remember the last time I took off work without checking emails at the very least, so this should be very interesting!

i’m really not angry or bitter about the unpaid furlough like some people are. i wouldn’t say I’m happy about it either, but I understand the reasoning behind it. and i would rather take some time off unpaid than lose my job completely, you know? plus, at our location, most of our non-salaried employees have had to make sacrifices in their hours already. i guess this just feels like my turn to do my part.

so far I don’t really have any big plans for the furlough. i am thinking about possibly taking one day and keeping the kids out of school to have a “fun” day together. maybe go swimming at the Y and then visit the huge new arcade/bowling/mini golf, etc. place in town. or, head up to the zoo if the weather is decent. (i think kyleigh can miss out on one day of 1st grade without worrying too much, right?) i also plan to tackle some household chores during that week, which is not fun but is satisfying nonetheless.

oddly, i’m almost looking forward to this time away from work, even though it will put a strain on my dwindling savings account. i have had some huge motivation issues lately with everything that is going on in the corporation. it might just be nice to get away for a week with “no contact”.


fitness update

well, one workout down!

tonight i did my "wedding workout" video from women's health. the video has always been tough for me, but holy crappers did tonight prove i'm SO out of shape! ugh!

but i made it through, and i'm ready to tackle cycling class tomorrow!

weekend reflection

our weekend was remarkably good! it was a "kid" weekend and we had a full house with the bf's two kids and mine. things can get crowded and tense on "kid weekends", but this weekend was actually really good.

saturday we took them all ice skating at the indoor rink in our area. it was the first time skating for my two, and the second for his two. i fell on my arse once, as did the bf. (but only once!) the kids fell a ton, but they had a blast! (i guess it's not as big of a deal to fall when you don't have so far to go.) unfortunately, we brought the camera and the batteries AND extra batteries were dead. so we don't have any pics. but it was definitely a good time! i think we'll do it again.

yesterday we met the bf's dad in a nearby town and went bowling. that was quite fun too! i had two of the best bowling games of my life. well over 100, which is great for me. i generally struggle to hit 100 at all. (though it's not like we bowl a lot) we all had a lot of fun and will have to do that again soon.

the bf's youngest child has his birthday coming up this week. we will be getting together with them this week to celebrate. i'm kind of bummed that i will have to miss my second cycling session though. (my first one is tuesday and the second one is supposed to be thursday.) but of course a birthday is more important than fixing my jiggling thighs. ; ) i'll just have to do something else this week to make up for it.

i suppose i should get some work done. hope you all had a great weekend!


in need of shrinkage

as a kick start to my MUCH needed fitness rebirth, i have signed up for cycling classes at the local YMCA. starting next week, i am going to have my but kicked every tuesday and thursday after work. friends who have taken the class literally describe it as a butt kicking workout. just what i need.

in addition, i am trying to work out a schedule to keep me moving a few other days a week as well. it goes something like this:

monday: workout dvd or hour long walk or ride outside, weather allowing.
tuesday: cycling
wednesday: rest...homework
thursday: cycling
friday: rest
saturday: elliptical or treadmill or both (at the Y)
sunday: outside activity, weather allowing

i need to work out some kind of rules about my laptop in the evenings, too. ever since i got it about a year ago i have been spending way too much time with my butt on the couch. granted, some of the time is spent doing homework, which is necessary. but a lot of time is also spent wasting time on the internet and widening my ass. it must stop!

so, i pledge to you my intention to get off my ass and shrink it some. wish me luck!

happy friday

can i just say that i'm SOOOOO glad it's friday?

okay, thanks!




one one hand, i'm not happy about the furlough.

on the other hand, it can't happen soon enough.



i'm back.

i have decided to go back to a public blog...kind of pointless to have a private one when everyone is on it anyway! i didn't realize so many of you loved me so much! *sniff*

to be continued!


you know it's minnesota cold when...

schools close because of the -24 temp and -40 windchill.

your furnace can't keep up and instead of the 68 you set it at, it reads 62 and falling...


Things I've learned from the bf's absence...

If you aren't a fan off "sappy", then quick...leave this page before it's too late!! :)

He makes me a better parent: the bf is notorious for his impatience and irrational reactions to the kids. When he is around, I am forced to be more patient and calm, because if I loose my cool it can really set him off.

He lets me be the “good cop”: We have gone through a lot of struggles in parenting over the last two years, but I think we are finally starting to really “get” it. We truly are both better parents with the other one around.

He gives me a reason to be neater: The house without him here is a bit of a disaster. I am not by nature an overly neat person, and I can turn off the lights and ignore a mess and decide to deal with it later. Then it just builds and builds! When he is here I WANT to keep things neat and clean. So without him, I am a slob!

He helps me sleep: I am finding that it is nearly impossible for me to sleep well without the bf home with me. I can’t fall sleep and I can’t stay asleep. Subsequently, I have looked like hell all week.

He keeps me sober: I am by no means an alcoholic and typically months can go by before any alcohol passes through these lips. But…due to my difficulties getting to sleep this week this is the THIRD night in a row I have resorted to a “nightcap” to try and help me get some Zzzz’s.

He is my best friend: We have talked on the phone the last two nights for over an hour. I couldn’t believe we had so much to say! But it made me realize how much time we do spend together, talking about everything under the sun. I miss our nightly “unwinding” as we sit on the couch together, (with our laptops, of course!) :-P

He gives me laughter: laughing at him, laughing with him, either way, he makes life more fun.

This trip has been good for both of us. I can’t wait for him to come home tomorrow night! I just pray that the weather will allow him to make it safely and not make him too late. I really miss him and want him back here!


after all was said and done yesterday, a total of 188 people corporation wide were let go from their jobs. this affects several companies in a few states, but most of the layoffs were right here at home.

this morning at work was rough going, but it did get better as the day progressed. there are so many emotions that come with layoffs like this. these are people i worked VERY closely with every day. they sit right next to me in our cozy little room of 6 cubicles. i know about their lives, i know about their families, and we have all become good friends. we were a tight team, and i ache for the rough times i know are ahead for them. despite this though, they are all strong, capable people and i have no doubt they will bounce back. i just wish it didn't have to be like this.


and so it goes

grand total of layoffs at "our" companies today was somewhere close to 100. at least 4 locations were affected that i know of. random people have been emailing me here and there to see if i made the cut. i did get a chance to go for a few drinks with co-workers and one soon to be ex-coworker :( it felt good to get together and vent but it was bittersweet. our small group is very close-knit and i will be very sorry to see this particular person go.

i am sitting home alone now after getting the kids to bed. i am missing the bf and wishing he was here to talk to! it's just me and the dog, and she doesn't have much to say. i have not slept well the past two nights with him gone and then worries about work, and i'm not sure tonight will be any better. i am not much of a drinker but am considering a very strong nightcap to put this mind of mine to rest!


random updates

The bf’s ex wife got engaged over New Years. They are planning for a February 14th wedding. In 2009! Yep. Planning a wedding in less than two months just to do it on the sappiest of sappy days of the year. Brilliant.

The impending marriage of the bf’s ex puts a bit of a damper on my “I won’t marry you until your ex is married” excuse. Dang.

School starts again next week. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time off and have taken advantage of it by reading several “just for fun” books. I will miss reading books for fun. Because, Economics? Not so much fun.

I have officially succumbed to the cultural “phenomenon” that is “Twilight”. One of my gifts from the bf for Christmas was the first book in the series. And then he bought me the second. I am now partway through the third book…and the fourth is awaiting me on the bookshelf. It hurts me to admit this.

The bf is on his very first “big” trip for work. He is in Atlanta this week. When I am traveling away from home without him, I actually sleep very well. When I am at home alone without him, apparently not so much. I did not get to sleep easily last night nor did I sleep well once I finally did drift off into the land of slumber.

I’m still fairly certain layoffs are coming tomorrow. There have been many, many signs (as well as the usual rumors). It’s hard to be productive today and tomorrow will be worse, not knowing exactly what is coming. I would prefer that they rip the band-aid off quickly, but I have a feeling it will be a long, drawn out afternoon of paranoia.

My New Year’s resolution to get healthy is off to a bit of a stumbling start. Lack of sleep is making a workout seem like an unbearable idea. Right now all I can think of is sleep. I am eating okay but not great. I have a feeling this will be a slow process…