I got a new job!! Starting June 1st, I will be working as a Category Manager on this line: Play with a Purpose

My last day of my current job is Thursday, May 21. On May 22 the bf and I fly to Chicago for a little weekend getaway. The following week I have off, and then will start the new job on Monday, June 1st.

We have started to get our townhouse ready to try and sell it. Putting up shelving in the garage, sheet rock and shelving in the laundry room, painting and redoing the downstairs bathroom. We want to move to a bigger house that is closer to the kids' school. It won't be any closer to my new job (45 minutes away) but it would still save driving time since I wouldn't have to travel 15 minutes every morning just to get the kids dropped off.

I'm not sure how well the selling will go, there are a lot of homes exactly like ours and the value has gone down. But ours will have some special "perks" that the others don't. Hopefully it won't take more than 6 months to sell, but even if it takes that long or longer, we'll make it work somehow!!!


feisty said...

CONGRATS! what a cool company. can i register for my baby shower there?

on the house-selling: stay positive, it will sell! the only hard part is cleaning for showings...but maybe you can say 'only shows on weekends' or something like that.

Maurey said...

Hey! Good for you! Good luck with the selling - I was SHOCKED at what slobs people were when we were looking. If you know someone is coming to look at your house, why would you leave dirty laundry out? If you stay clean you'll stand out.

I also start my new job on June 1. ;-)

diatribes and dish said...

congrats on the new job and good luck on selling the house!