fingers crossed!

today my brother-in-law is interviewing for a job with my new employer. they still have two positions to fill for another catalog and i think he would be perfect for the job. keep your fingers crossed for him!

i don't know if i ever ran down the list of hoops i had to go through in order to get this position...but here is a (long, long) list.

1. contacted by recruiter on linkedin
2. phone interview with recruiter
3. interview in minneapolis with recruiter
4. complete assessment tests and 6 interview questions (excel and word)
5. interview in edina with my soon to be manager
6. interviews in owatonna:
a. other manager
b. creative dept (2 people)
c. procurement dept (2 people)
d. category managers (2 people)
7. assessment tests on computer (same day as owatonna interviews)
8. psychological evaluation / assessment testing in downtown minneapolis
9. interview with president of the company in edina.

and these were only the physical things i had to do. there was also calling of my references, background checks and more!

so yeah....there is no doubt that i earned this one. it was a pain in the arse during the process, but it sure feels good now!


EmFabulousFunshine said...

well congrats to youjust for going through allthat :)

Maurey said...

Geez. I'm even happier for you! You've got endurance!