BEWARE of raccoon!

isn't it cute? looks cuddly even, right? but i bet you didn't know just how dangerous these little suckers are!

sunday night on the way to take his kids home, the bf ran over a raccoon. he heard a loud thump and his initial reaction was to feel really bad for the raccoon. he turned the car back around to make sure the creature wasn't suffering, prepared to put it out of it's misery if need be. for some reason he gets out of the car at this point. to make sure it's really, really dead? i don't know. but just past the raccoon he saw a few bits of metal and plastic. pieces. of. his. car! he looks towards the car and sees that there is a a gouge out of the front bumper. he sighs, thinking about how this poor car has been through a lot of "cosmetic" issues, so bf just sighs again and puts the pieces in the trunk. goes along on his not so merry way.

the bf pulls the car back onto the road and points it in the direction of home. he still has about 35 minutes to go. after a few miles he notices smoke coming out of the hood, figures he must have raccoon debris somewhere under the hood. he keeps driving. goes a few more miles and realizes that the needle on the temperature gauge is steadily moving towards "hot". he just about makes it to the nearest town when the car decides it has had enough. the bf barely makes it off the highway and onto a gravel road. the car is as dead as the raccoon.

he calls me and i wake the kids and drive the 20 minutes to pick him up. he decides he won't do anything about the car until morning. because he procrastinates, he does nothing monday. tuesday night he decides we should drive out and see if the car will start. no go. so he decides he will call a tow truck in the morning. morning comes. someone from work tells him his car wasn't there when they drove by on the way in. bf makes some calls. finds out that the county has towed the car. but not the closest town. not to the county seat. oh no. they drag it to some mom and pop shop in a little town about 25 minutes out of the way.

the bf finally gets hooked up with pop from the mom and pop shop. pop tells him the tow will set him back $100. he tells the bf that he just "happens" to have a service shop in addition to towing. if he gets the car fixed there, the tow charge is reduced to $50. mr. crooked pop proceeds to tell the bf that he also won't charge for "storage" if he gets the car fixed there. this pisses me off. makes me want to scream for the obvious corruption! why would they tow the car to a rinky-dink shop in a ghost town way out of the way? the car was 2 miles from a bigger town with more options. corruption, plain and simple.

today mr. rinky dink calls the bf with some news. the car needs a new radiator, and a bunch of other crap. also he thinks the raccoon cracked a head gasket and not on the raccoon's head. head. on. the. motor! READ: car needs new engine. all because of a run in with an effing raccoon! i've seen deer do way less damage.

the insurance company is going to look at the car tomorrow. it will most likely be declared totaled. unbelievable.

screw deer. watch out for those little bastard raccoons!