big plans

i can't believe next week is my furlough already! the bf is going to be out of town for work, so it's just me and the kids all week. i have a feeling the week will fly by, i have so many plans!

here is a partial list:

1. finish painting the entryway. (for the love of pete, this has been "partially" done for like, a year now. i should post a pic of how awful it looks. maybe i will have to do before/after shots.)

2. clean/organize the pantry. (this seems to be a yearly task. again, i should do before and after pics.)

3. clean/orgainze the kids' rooms. thin out the clothes and toys and donate some. (it's disgraceful how much stuff they have right now, really)

4. clean/organize my bedroom closet. (no pics. seriously, no one should be exposed to this.)

5. list entertainment center on craigslist. (probably take a big loss, but will gain room in the garage.)

6. hang up pictures. (i have been in my house for over two years and the walls are still quite sparse. i have a hard time hanging things because i'm afraid i won't like it, will need to move it, and will then have holes all over the walls. it's an issue, really.)

7. go to the Y every day. (two days are cycling class anyway.)

8. have a fun "playing hooky" day with the kids one day.

9. read the new book the bf bought for me.

10. research and cook healthy meals.

11. hang out at barnes & noble for an hour or two.

12. visit with my baby sis, maybe walk the mall with her a bit.

seriously, this is just a partial list. i'll let you know how it goes!


feisty said...

oooh- i'm excited for you too! enjoy, you won't miss the paycheck after crossing so many items off your to-do list!

Amanda Bartell said...

Oops! You forgot 'Go over to little sis's house and clean the snot out of it'!

Minnesota Girl said...

hahahahahahaha amanda, you are sooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!