a new challenge

i bought these over my lunch hour today:
Asics Kayano 15

i am thinking i might use them to do this:

Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon/Half Marathon, December 6th 2009

teacher sis and her friend are planning to go. this would be my first marathon experience...i would probably go for the half. makes me nervous thinking about it; what a goal! but if little sis can do it, i can too, right?


feisty said...

good lord, that would be such fun! and the RnR one would be a dream half-marathon- all that music and all those people cheering!

you would have so much fun, and you could totally do it!

diatribes and dish said...

Hey ... when did you start posting again?

And as for a half, yes you can do it. If I could get my fat arse to run 13.1 miles, ANYONE can.

Shelley said...

OMG I have given myself the goal of completing a half marathon this year (really I want it to be a full one but I am trying to be realistic)! I'm up for being virtual training partners if you'd like!!!

Minnesota Girl said...

feisty - thanks for the vote of confidence! i do think it would be pretty cool...there is a band at each mile marker.

diatribes - yeah, i'm back. ;) man, seems like lots of people have done this. what have i been waiting for!

shelley - that sounds fun! when is your half? have you started training yet? email me! adschimek@hotmail.com.