no use crying over spilled....coffee?

this morning i awoke feeling extra groggy and tired. I got out of bed and plodded up the stairs to rouse the kids and get their breakfast ready. both kids were curled snug in their beds and seemed just as happy about getting up as i was. after getting their breakfast on the table, i got my morning coffee going and plodded back down the stairs to hop into the shower.

after rushing through my morning hygiene, (we were running a little late) i went back upstairs to pour my coffee into my beloved migo. upon arriving in the kitchen, i noticed that there was coffee and grounds all over the counter. a closer look revealed that i had forgotten to actually place the POT in it's place, thus causing the coffee to brew itself all over the countertop. what a mess! depressed about no morning coffee and running even more far behind, i rounded up the kids and headed out for work and school.

i am hoping this isn't a sign of what my entire day is going to be like...


Amanda Bartell said...

Bah! That is TOTALLY something I would do! That blows chunks! And is when I hit up the drive through for a mocha.

Minnesota Girl said...

yeah...i had to make do with kwik trip. sigh.