up and running!

i finally got up the nerve to tell the bf that my old ipod nano was either lost and/or stolen a few months ago. i figured i better tell him, since i bought this last night to aid me in getting back to running:

the bf wasn't mad at all, his only worry was that i got a good enough deal on it. being the "mac guru" and all, he wanted to make sure that i hadn't gotten gypped. when he was satisfied that i got a decent price, he helped me stock up on some good workout tunes. very sweet.

i took it out on a test run last night. i still had this from a couple of years ago, and it works great with this new nano:

it keeps track of distance, pace, calories and more. i love it!

a good friend asked me yesterday if i'd be interested in running a 10k with her on Memorial Day. i'm not sure whether or not i'll be ready for that...based on last night's pace it seems not. but i'll go another week or so before i make a final decision. either way, i'm excited to get back to it!


Greg said...

Good thinking... don't want to jump right into a 10k without enough prep. Maybe a 10-block?

Minnesota Girl said...


Maurey said...

I bet you could do a 10K by the end of May. Set the goal!

Minnesota Girl said...

i don't know maurey, i'm at barely over two miles right now...i think it might take me a bit longer to build up to a 10k. but i'll get there!