mixed emotions

i am trying to write an email to kolby's current daycare telling them that he will be leaving there in june to attend daycare at the elementary school with his sister. since he is going into kindergarten in the fall, he is eligible to go to the same daycare as kyleigh, and this is what he wants to do. believe me, i've asked repeatedly. because even though it will be more convenient having them together, it makes me so SAD that he is leaving GH!

kolby has been at his current daycare (GH) since he was just under two...about four years ago now! we have had a few minor rough patches but overall it has been a wonderful place for the kids! (kyleigh went there for a couple of years too.)

so i am seriously tearing up writing the email. moving kolby out of GH daycare is just another sign of how fast the kids are growing up. that and the fact that i now have to literally chase kolby down for a hug when i drop him off in the mornings. (this from the kid who would kiss my cheek just a few months ago.) they will have preschool graduation in a month or so too, and i shudder to think of the wreck i will be on that day. i may just have to wear sunglasses.

there are so many things in life that i manage to NOT get emotional about. but when it comes to my kids i can be reduced to a big puddle of mush. now...i suppose i should get back to that email. sigh. *sob*

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