stuff and things

is it the weekend yet? cuz i am sooooo ready for it. it will be semi-busy, we have a baptism for my niece on sunday. which means getting up gosh damn early to drive the 1.5 hours to be at church at 9:30. but it will be a lovely time of hanging out with family, so i won't complain. ; )

i also have to study stats this weekend. i've pretty much been slacking off on it this week, and i'm pretty sure i will regret that if i don't make up for it. but for some reason the last two nights i have been so incredibly tired...and i'm not sure why. we've had a really busy week but i have been ready for bed at 9:30 the last couple of nights, and that is unusual.

fitness update: i weighed myself on wednesday morning and i am down 7 pounds from when i started trying three weeks ago. i have been eating very well during the week and keeping track of my calories. i have also been exercising a lot: walks at work, biking with the kids, walks with the bf, elliptical at the gym...it feels really good and i am hoping i can keep it up. three weeks builds a habit, right?


Shelley said...

Congratulations on the weight loss and for being so good about writing down what you eat! Keep up the hard but rewarding work.

Amanda Bartell said...

I think it's 6 weeks for a habit, but you're half way there! I do not, however, like the calorie counter site. I prefer to live in high calorie bliss. How is it that a stinkin cup of delish white chocolate mocha can have about 1/2 my daily value of calories in it?