so...gimpy is at work with me today. i was awakened at 6:30 this morning by the sound of his crying at the top of the stairs. crying because his leg hurt. it was very alarming. i gave him some tylenol and had him lay down for a while. i made the decision not to take him to daycare today.

currently the clinic i take him to is quite large. he sees a different doc every time we go in, and i don't remember the last time he saw "his" doc. i've never even heard of the doc we took him to see yesterday!

i recently started seeing a new doc at a much smaller clinic in town. the clinic is affiliated with mayo and i know they are good. the are part of a larger network of several clinics as well as the hospital in town. there are only a few doctors there. i called this morning and got him an appointment there for this afternoon. my hope is that we can actually get some consistency in his medical care. i'm tired of explaining things over and over to different doctors. (prior to the leg issue i was taking him in all the time for respiratory issues which he seems to be growing out of, knock on wood!)

so i am trying to get in a few hours of work this morning. thankfully gimpy is fairly easily entertained and hopefully won't bother my co-workers too much. i plan to leave around lunch time and then take him to his 2:30 appointment. i don't know that this doc will find anything either, but i think it will be a step in the right direction. i think i am also going to set up a chiropractic appointment. we have had luck with that for other things in the past.

please send your positive thoughts my way today as i try to muddle my way through this mothering business!


Andrea said...

How did the dr's appointment go yesterday? It might be growing pains Ang. Both my kids would complain about a very deep aching feeling in their thighs. Not sure if it's the same because he is only 5. Don't let anyone discourage you in doing what is best for the little guy. I'd take them to the dr too, if it was this ongoing?! Chin up - you are doing the right thing!

Maurey said...

Poor punkin. I hope he gets better quickly - nice of your employer to let him come along with you.