change is near

Last night, I cried the first tears I have ever cried over politics. (And I’m still a little emotional even writing about this.) They were tears of joy and tears of hope. Tears celebrating the fact that we have finally overcome party lines, race and religion and brought together people from all walks of life to vote with hope rather than with fear. Tears of joy over the fact that I finally feel we have a shot at turning things around for our children and grandchildren, handing down to them a country we can be proud of. This election was historical not because Mr. Obama is black, but because of his message of hope. We may not agree with everything he does in the next four years but I trust that he has in mind the best interests of each and every one of us.

I have seen Facebook statuses in the last 12 hours from conservative Christians implying the end of the world is near. What? The end of the world is near because we elected a black president? The end of the world is near because we elected a sincere and extremely intelligent man to lead our country? How can it be the end of the world when the entire world is celebrating with us? Tell me how this makes sense?

I grew up Christian…both Methodist and Lutheran at different points in my life. But in the last several years I have been extremely disillusioned by the church. I do believe in a higher power. And to me that higher power is about love and acceptance of all peoples and religions. I have a hard time with right-wing Christians who feel their way is the only way and the rest of us are damned. I cringe at bible verses telling us we are evil. And if anyone knows of a Christian church where they don’t try to make you FEAR God but LOVE God please let me know. Because I haven’t found one yet. Oh and P.S.: Barack Obama is a CHRISTIAN, in case you haven’t heard.

Finally, I am not ignorant for voting for Mr. Obama, and I resent those of you who think I am. I did not only vote with my heart but with my head as well. I am very well educated, so please don’t insult my intelligence by insinuating I don’t know what I am doing by supporting Barack Obama. Because you know what? I am proud that I voted out of hope and not out of fear. And I will be proud to call Mr. Obama PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA in January. I can say I am truly looking forward to the next four years. It’s going to be a hell of a ride, but also a good one.

i have every right to express my views, political or otherwise on MY BLOG. if you don't like my views, please don't read MY BLOG. thank you.

i realize my "guest" blogger was a little over the top a few days ago. for the record, i am christian (though a rather disillusioned one). and the person who wrote the guest blog has had people at work picking at him for his views and he finally decided to fight back. it was not a personal attack on anyone and if you read it as such, i am sorry.


Miss Kate said...

Oh my gosh, I see the same Facebook stuff too, that we're all moronic yadda yadda yadda. Same old right-wing rhetoric that COST THEM THE ELECTION.

My church is a good church. (The ELCA is not a "fear God" denomination. Did you grow up Mo. Synod?) Pastor C said "we pray for our troops and the troops of our enemies" on Sunday AM. If that's not being a forgiving Christian, then my name is Turtle.

Angie said...

i don't think turtle suits you at all, so maybe i will have to try harder to find a church that works for me.

my grandparents do go to an ELCA church, i should probably give that a real try. part of my disillusionment of the church comes from having a very horrible step-father who was a minister. that changed a lot for me, but i wont' get into that here.

i have nothing against people who are uber religious. what i do have a problem with are those who think i am damned for being divorced, or going to hell for living with my boyfriend. thankfully, none of my close friends or relatives are that way.

Shelley said...

I had my first tears over an election myself this morning. It feels good.

Amanda Bartell said...

I'm glad you're not going to have to move to Canada!

Angie said...

hee hee...canada is nice, but not THAT nice.

WM said...

I cried those same tears!

I'm so excited and hopeful and honestly feel America made the right decision!