random monday musings

*my good friend bbmg got married on saturday! she was a beautiful bride and all went well. she and her new husband are off for a wonderful, warm and sunny wedding trip. here's to hoping they have a blast!

*went to my very first play at this place last night. the food was good. the play/musical was not my style. apparently i am not a fan of mel brooks humor. who knew?

*new thermostats were installed at work. am wearing my coat and gloves as i type this. apparently our company is doing so shittily that their plan is to either a: freeze us into quitting or b: save a few bucks by keeping the temperature low enough to see your breath. or both.

*more layoffs, closings and other general work rumors have been floating around recently. sometimes i think it would be better to just get laid off than to keep stressing day by day that i will still have a job tomorrow.

*school is hard. i also have a lot to do this week to "catch up" from having a busy week/weekend. i feel like i need to take a day off from work again to study, but don't want to a: draw more attention to myself than necessary b: take off another day without pay since my PTO hasn't caught up yet.

*having a hard time getting much accomplished today. my eyes are burning and tired. really felt like i needed another day added on to my weekend. am starting to go into "hibernation mode" what with the snow and all. winter weight gain, here i come!

*am looking forward to going to this guy's concert in 1.5 weeks. am not looking forward to the day after, as i will probably be nodding off at my desk all day.

*now that i have pretty much wasted a good third of my day, i need a break from it all for lunch. happy monday all!

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