come together

I probably shouldn’t be reading comments on news articles right now, because I am overwhelmed and depressed by the level of negativity that is out there. The non-Obama fans are flocking to the comment boards in droves and they are putting us down left, right and every which way they can. I’d like to think that if McCain had won, we wouldn’t be quite so mean and immature as they are being right now, but I guess I can’t say that for sure. Hopefully they will expunge all of their negativity on these boards over the next few days and then swallow their pride and offer help and cooperation instead of negativity and scorn.

McCain was graceful and positive in his concession speech last night. I’m sure even he would cringe at some of the comments expressed by his supporters right now. I know that they are angry and feel disillusioned, but wow, there is some downright hateful stuff out there. None of it is going to help us bring our nation together for the greater good. Because that’s what we need to do and this would have been true no matter the winner.

Some of the hateful quotes I’ve seen:

“hope this economy collapses and every osama supporter starves.”

“I don't want to make this statement to sound racist, but in Obama's speech his accent sounded a little more like that of one used commonly by African-Americans than the one I believe Obama speaks naturally. After all, Obama did not grow up in the typical African-American community, but was largely raised by white relatives. His father was from Africa, and not a native-born African-American, and therefore did not speak with that accent either. My question is, am I hearing something that is not there, or is his accent affected? And if so, to what purpose?”

“There is no reason to try and defend bush and last republican congress. This drubbing is their own creation. But anytime you see a politician adored and revered the way obama has been, there is no where to go but down. Many (if not most) of the people who voted for him truly have no grasp of economics, wages, taxes, etc. They have bought it all hook, line, and sinker. The welfare check is in the mail, and job killing will begin soon. I hope the top 5% of wage earners are flexible enough to reach their toes while being incessantly raped.”

“Unfortunately the kool-aid drinking and uneducated populace that elected this terrorist loving, tax and spend socialist, in sheep's clothing, don't realize what they've done. At least, I said No to BO. I am the Rightguard against this BO! Long live the USA and not the U.S.S.A.!”

I am appalled at these statements and could write rebuttals to them for hours, but I don’t have that kind of time and I’m not sure it’s even worth it.

As an Obama supporter, I do not expect that he will fix things over night. Or that he can fix things alone. Or that he will be the miracle answer to all of our problems. I have never believed that. And no, I don’t believe he will follow through with everything he has talked about during his campaign, and frankly I wouldn’t even want him to. What I want is for him to do what is best for our country, even if it goes against his original thoughts or plans. I want him to go into this with his eyes and ears wide open. I want him to listen to all of us, supporters and non, rich and poor, black and white. I want him to act for the greater good.

And I really believe that he will.


Miss Kate said...

Do not feed the trolls. Do NOT feed the trolls.

Something about the anonymity of the internet. It brings out the ugliest in people. Do some people have him on too high of a pedestal? Certainly. That would have been the case for the people who loved Palin too. There is nothing Obama can do that will appease some people. He could pave the streets in gold and offer free blowjobs and cotton candy, and people would still hate him.

They'll have to get over it, just like Justice Scalia told us to "get over it" in 2000.

Amanda Bartell said...

“hope this economy collapses and every osama supporter starves.”

Ha ha ha! Did you look really close at this one!

Angie said...

yeah...if you mean did i notice that they used "osama" instead of "obama"? that seems to be a popular thing for the haters to do. how clever they are.

Mommy said...

You know that most of the haters will have their taxes decrease so they have more money to spend. Don't they realize? It is amazing to me that they believe, on their barely above poverty salaries, that the Republicans care - or that tax breaks to companies like Texaco - and their 11BILLION in profit last quarter - will invest that money in better paying jobs???

Makes me sad.

Okay, I feel better and did not have to post in with the haters. :)