ms. manners

so...i took my children to a local fast food establishment for dinner last night. we had t-ball to get to, and no time to run home and eat. 

the kids and i sat down at a table with our sandwiches and fries. partway into our meal, i began to hear a familiar click, click, click sound coming from a few tables away. i stopped mid-bite and looked around.

i spotted the source of the noise straight ahead. a woman sitting in booth, talking on her cell phone and...clipping her fingernails! i watched her collect the clippings on the seat and dust them off onto the floor nonchalantly. wtf? i couldn't even continue eating.

what the hell is the matter with people? and why must they clip their nails in my presence? (i have a co-worker who often clips her nails at her desk.) is everyone so effing busy that they can't clip their damn nails in their own home?

i do not want to come into contact with your grubby nail clippings, people! multi-task yourself somewhere else!

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