news from the south

my trip to kc this weekend was awesome, but way too short. seems like just when we start to really warm up it's time for me to leave. it sucks.

it took me seven hours to get down there. i listened to the three cd's i burned and the four the bf burned. i got through ALL of them on the way down! it was sweet of the bf to take the time to choose all the music and take the time to burn cd's for me. he put on a bunch of "new" music, plus a few of the classics. i grooved all the way there. 

i really enjoyed the first six hours of the drive, but it began to wear thin during the last hour...all of which was spent manuvering the city and trying to get to e's house. it sucked to know that mile-wise, i was so close, but because of the traffic it took forever! the drive back was only six hours! a whole hour of my day burned in traffic. i guess there really are some good things about living in a smaller city!

it was wonderful to see e and meet her adorable baby boy. where in the past our laughs were based on our own silliness and/or level of intoxication, this time it was everything baby. his facial expressions were hilarious, and we tortured the poor darling with a super cute little bucket hat i brought for him. it was really cool seeing what a wonderful mother e is and neat to watch her and the baby interact.

leaving was very bittersweet. i was so happy that we were able to reconnect again, but so sad knowing that i probably won't get to see her again for at least another six months. being there really reminded me of how much i still have that hole in my life, with my best friend and i living so far apart. i have other friends of course. really good friends. and i have my sisters. thank god for them all! but sometimes i just want to be able to call up e to meet up for a drink after work. or to go out for lunch. or go shopping. or have a playdate. anything. 

i miss her so much.

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