top secret

i have added yet another blog to my list...this one is private but i will invite you if you email me and let me know you want to read my pathetic words. ; )

the new blog is called The Real Me. it's sure to be a barrel of laughs. or something.

for those of you who just aren't interested in anything beyond this lovely public blog, no worries...i plan to try to keep this one updated as well.


Andrea said...

send me an invite...how many is that now 4 including work blog? Crazy girl!

amanda your fave sis said...

i want in! i like reading about your pathetic life. it's fun:)

WM said...

I want an invite, purty please. im.a.twinz.mommy@gmail.com

Angie said...

andi and worker mommy, you are SO in!

bratty sister? you're a brat.

Anonymous said...

I want in, please. :)---Aleta

Angie said...

i gotcha covered my lovely! ; )