olympic conversations

on beach volleyball:

why are they wearing swimsuits mom? cuz they might fall in the water? or maybe cuz the ball might fall in the water? where is the water mom? is it under them? what are they standing on mom? sand? oh...i thought that was cookie dough. mom, why do people have whistles? go, go, go american! you can do it! yeah! mom, look how much points we have! mom, why do we have 7 points? we aren't supposed to have that much! we're supposed to have 21 points. what happened? oh...did we start over? mom, do we 'merican have ten points?

on their olympic futures:

i think i'll be in track or gymnastics in the olympics. gymnastics is only for girls. oh for the love of paint, i didn't know boys could do olympics too. i can't do volleyball. maybe i can do swimming. do you think swimming is better for me mom? you need to wear a head thing. for swimming. in the olympics. i am going to be an american. i don't want my brother to be in the same thing as me. but he can be an american. but i don't think they will allow me to do the olympics. what do you really want me to do in the olympics? for real? no, i'm serious on this mom.

on olympic softball:

is this the olympics? i thought it wasn't. why is it baseball olympics? why is it softball olympics? i know red is china. it looks like baseball, why is it called softball, because they have helmets on? why do they have helmets on? why does the pitcher have no helmet? because the pitcher wants to get hurt on its head?

on handball:

isn't that just for woman? it was just for woman last time. then why was it man? boys aren't supposed to be in the girls zone. this is the boys zone? it's not a girl zone? why is it a boy zone? what happened to that guy? probably got bonked his forehead. why are a lot of people getting hurt? why are the people getting hurt? they're playing soccer. soccer throw ball. i think it's kind of like volleyball except don't go like volleyball, you just throw it. you pass it to people. mom, did you see that guy? he was funny! there was fuzz all over his face.

on being olympic fanatics:

when does it end mom? i think it never ends. it probably ends some time, but i'm going to stay awake till the end. i'm going to watch it until i fall asleep. until i have to go potty and poop in my pants.

on a band-aid commercial:

why are those so special?


Maurey said...

I appreciate that the volleyball players are athletes, but the outfits are just gratuitous! Maybe I'm just jealous of their muscle tone, though.

Maurey said...

Oh, hey, I tried to email you back on that other thing from my work account. Did you ever get it?

Angie said...

I agree on the outfits, didn't think about it so much until the kids commented.

I did get your email and sent one back, it must not have made it through. I'll email you again when I get back to work, hopefully tomorrow!

feistyMNgirl said...

i wish i could watch the 'Lympics with your kids. they sound entertaining.

the band-aid commercial sounds like a perfect introduction into the discuss ion of how evil advertising can be ;)

Andrea said...

were you typing as they were chatting? cuz there is no way, i'd remember all those conversations! hysterically funny!

Angie said...

yeah, you caught me Andi! i just listened to them at first, then decided it would make good blog fare and started writing everything while they talked. ; )

amanda said...

LOL! That's hilarious! I just just hear miss Ky saying all of those things:) She's such a riot!