one last hurrah...

Just under 72 hours and counting until we hit the road…I am SO looking forward to our mini vacation trip coming up this weekend! The bf and I are heading to the MN North Shore, my favorite place on earth! After a five-ish hour drive, we will be arriving in the Northland on Friday night for some hiking, biking, lake viewing, shopping and relaxing. We will make the trip back “down south” on Monday. My only lament besides the short time frame of our trip is the fact that I have to bring my laptop along: I am in the first week of my Statistics class and will need to do some homework while we are there. Ugh.

The problem with having a vacation to look forward to is that in my mind I’m already there. I have am really not accomplishing much of anything besides daydreaming about our trip and thinking about what to pack. It also sucks to know this is really the last time I will have vacation until the holidays. Due to the all too frequent illnesses of myself and the kids as well as an overabundance of time off for sanity sake I have burned up my vacation time already. NOT GOOD.

So…I will savor this time of looking forward to one last vacation for the year, productivity be damned!

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Andrea said...

have a safe travels and enjoy yourself! you deserve it!