minnesota nice?

the bf and i spent some time in the lovely city of grand marais today. the weather was absolutely perfect. sunny with a slight breeze and about 70 degrees. love. it. we took some time to do the tourist thing and visit the local shops. i bought an awesome necklace from one of the vendors at the local "farmers" market. (they might as well call it a flea market or craft fair, but that's another post.)

so, bf and i were relaxing on the rocky beach looking out at the lake. it was so calm and serene there today. absolutely gorgeous. unfortunately there were of course quite a few people around us sharing the experience. noisy kids throwing rocks in the water, asian tourists snapping pics and angry looking locals trying to avoid the throng of tourists invading their city.

i was sitting on a bench with the bf, soaking in the glorious sun and watching the ducks and geese float around close to the shore and eating an ice cream. yum. total contentment. and then we saw her: plunk, plunk, plink, a little girl throwing rocks into the water and AT the duck. wtf? are you kidding me? and her parents were nearby just watching the show. n and i grumbled about the people and i narrowly avoided his going up to the family and giving them a lecture. though they definitely would have deserved it.

we grumbled a bit more and settled back into relaxation for a few more minutes until we saw them: another family a little further down the shore, throwing rocks AT some geese. wtf is the matter with people? as we watched them in total disbelief and disgust, one of the rocks hit its target. the poor goose honked and fled the rock throwing idiot family.

tell me, what the hell is the matter with people? how is it okay to throw a rock at the wildlife? and it's not like it was a mass of naughty little boys, looking for trouble. these were families. with very young children. THROWING ROCKS at the birds! unbelievable. as we picked up our things and packed up to head back to lutsen, i was a little bit confused and saddened by the idiotic actions of those horrible families with no respect for nature.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I would have started throwing rocks at them.

Angie said...

oh, you have no idea how badly i wanted to do just that!