money talks

the scene:

the frozen food aisle at a local grocery store. me shopping with my three and five year old, both of whom are in the cart. i have a freezer door open with my head stuck inside scanning the plethora of lean cuisine options available to me. because of the hum of the freezer, i am unable to clearly hear all of the words of my darling children, but it went something like this:

ky: "mom....dad...money."

i was barely tuned in as i weighed the choice of spagetti and meatballs vs. cheese ravioli. then i hear the other child:

ko: "yeah....mommy....money."

i realize with horror what my children are saying very loudly, in public, in the freezer aisle while other shoppers snicker and stare:

ky: "mom, dad still says you stole all his money!"

ko: "yeah mom, daddy says mommy stole his money!"

my voice squeaks out a plea for them to stop talking as i try not to make a scene and strangle them.

i quickly exit the frozen food aisle, face burning in shame.

and p.s.:

not that he had any money to steal, but i most definitely did NOT steal their dad's money.  so glad he can stay mature and keep it civil for the kids.  sigh.

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