we interrupt this evening...for an exciting report

i spent the majority of the weekend relaxing with the bf. we slept like we were teenagers with wicked hangovers. in truth, we are thirty-ish overworked, haggard, over-tired parents who desparately needed to recharge our batteries. it worked, although after the day i had at work today i feel like i need to recharge again already.

in other news...i went to the movie transformers on saturday night. let it be known that i did not go willingly. it was a compromise with the bf. 

things i learned at the movie:

josh duhamal is hot.

megan fox, although hot, is most certainly not a high school girl. duh, dreamworks. you insult me.

transformers are cheesy. and not in the melty, gooey, yummy way, either.

i am too old for a 10:15 movie.

that's all i've got.

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