breaking the silence

hi, my name is angie and it's been 20 days since my last post. 20 days! holy crap that's a long time! i usually feel all funny if i go four days without posting. 

here's what happened while i was out...

one disasterous business trip to michigan, involving airline cancellations, creepy hotels, next to no sleep and frequent internet outages. (the internet was essential for what we were doing there)

a first time bowling trip for the little ones, kyleigh and kolby.

a wedding reception at a casino.

various arguments with the bf.

a very pleasurable viewing of the movie "bourne ultimatum".

a disappointing viewing of the movie "superbad".

illness/allergies brought on by a very damp, dank, disgusting movie theatre i will not be visiting again.

becoming a workout fanatic, not going more than two days without a workout for the last three weeks.

becoming absoultely determined to lose those last 8 pounds.

getting my daughter ready to start kindergarten in a little over a week. trying not to cry thinking about how fast my little girl is growing up!

trying not to dread my 31st birthday, one week from tomorrow. (something about adding on that one freaks me out a bit...)

trying not to be pissed off that the bf has "fantasy football draft night" on my birthday. and the fact that he actually FORGOT that my birthday is that day.

until next time,

over and out.

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