freedom rocks!

today marked the first day of my week long vacation. i don't remember the last time i took vacation like this...usually the only time i get time off is to care for sick kids!

i didn't waste a second of this day. i was actually up EARLIER than normal! i got the kids off to their daycares and headed for target...LOVE target. i was there at 8:30 and they were OPEN! after a few more stores and dollars later, and i headed home to begin my organization projects. i tackled kolby's room first. it took a bit longer than i had anticipated, but it's looking good!

i managed to get a few other odds and ends done, including planting grass seed in the front yard. AGAIN. damn dog. i also took my darling doggy to the vet today. set me back $75! just as much or more than when i take the kids to the doctor!

i joined a local 24 hour fitness place today. joined today but didn't get a chance to USE it today. ugh. i am going to make use of it tomorrow though! my original plan was to purchase an elliptical machine but was talked into trying this first. it is within biking distance of home, which is nice. now i just need to find the time to go! i am trying this for a month. if it doesn't work out it's back to elliptical shopping for me.

my list for the next couple of days is probably way to extensive. but i'm still going to do my best to tackle it. it feels so good to get some of these things done! then wednesday night the kids and i are heading to my mom's until the 4th. going to mom's is always relaxing for me. mostly cuz they help out with the kids, and they let me sleep in!!! : )

i could never be a stay at home mom. i love my work and the challenges it brings. but...right now; FREEDOM ROCKS!!!


Worker Mommy said...

Aah how I long for a day soon to do some me stuff!

Hope you're having a fabulous time!

Whiskeymarie said...

Hope it was lovely and that you had some non-project-related fun.