lobster hats, whales and cheers, oh my!

greetings to all my blogosphere friends! i am back from my visit to the east coast. this lobster hat picture is for you! i never really realized boston was so much of a "lobster oriented" city. i mean, it's live maine lobster, right? well, boston had everything lobster. t-shirts, candy, hats, jewelry, toys...you name it, they have it. and so i had fresh lobster at a lovely little restaurant down by the harbor one night. YUM! i ate seafood at least once a day while i was there. my mercury levels are likely though the roof, but i don't care. it was worth it. my mouth waters just thinking about all of the wonderful seafood delights i experienced during my trip.

this post is going to be slightly schitzophrenic. i just picked out some of my favorite pictures to tell you about. the next one was taken outside of cheers! we actually didn't set out specifically to find it, but thought we better get a picture since we happened upon it. classic.

this next pic is of the bf and i as we set sail on our "whale watching" tour. it was absolutely AMAZING! i have never experienced anything like it in my entire life! we went out on a three hour cruise into the ocean and got to see a bunch of real, live, wild whales! we got some incredible pictures and even some video of it.

this is a pic the bf got of a "baby" whale. pretty big baby if you ask me.

i'll be back soon with more pictures, stories and talk of the reunion of the bf and i. i'm having fun catching up on reading all of your blogs!

kiss kiss!

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