As I expected, my children didn't come back from a full week with their dad completely unscathed. Last night at bathtime, I found out my son had learned a very interesting new word.

After helping him wash his hair, I handed Ko a washcloth and asked him to wash his body.

To this he replied: "Mom, I have to wash my cottonballs."

"What?" I asked him, sure I was misunderstanding.

"Dad said I need to wash my cottonballs," he replied, pointing to his nether regions.

All I could think was, OMG, he didn't! Please tell me he didn't try and teach his son to say "co#k and balls" at age three. Or ever, for that matter. Can you imagine what daycare's response to this new language will be?

I gently explained to Ko that this terminology was incorrect and reiterated the terminology I had previously taught him.

Later, as he was getting dressed: "Mom, my cottonballs go in here," he said as he pointed to the front of his Spiderman underwear.

GRRRR!!!! So much for teaching him the "polite" terminology. Thank God so far it literally comes out as "cottonballs." I still have some time to counteract the effects of his father's bad judgement. Thing is, i'm sure his dad finds it absolutely hilarious.

Now stop laughing.

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