what's in a name?

When I tucked her into bed tonight, my daughter Ky informed me that she thinks it might be nice to change her name.

Ky: "Mom, I think it would be nice to change my name to Cherry Cheetah. Seadolphin. Cherry Cheetah Seadolphin. Seadolphin would be my last name. Or else maybe Strawberry Cheetah. Or Raspberry Cheetah would be good too."

Me: (trying desparetly not to laugh) "Really? Cherry Cheetah Seadolphin, huh? Where did you get that name from?"

Ky: (very seriously) "From my new brain."

Me: (dying, now) "When did you get a new brain?"

Ky: "I put it in the other day, while we were in the car. My old brain is here (points to left side of head) and my new brain is here (points to right side of head)."

Me: "Wow, really?"

Ky: "Yeah, and I can give you a new brain too."

Me: "Fantastic! That's just what I need! Where do I sign up?" 

Who knew I had a brain surgeon for a daughter? And one who has such fabulous taste in names to boot?

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