so...the school thing is kinda sorta killing me this session. i hardly have time to breathe! the housework is behind, the laundry is piling up, the dishes need to be done, i haven't been to the gym in almost a week...and on and on and on!

my instructor this session is a lot harder on us. expects a lot more. i am putting in a lot more hours. consequently i will probably learn more from her. but right now it's hard finding a good balance between home-work-school.

work has been a bit stressful. there have been some rumblings about my place of employment closing by the end of the year. i'm hoping it's just rumors, but i honestly don't feel it's out of the realm of possibility. and neither do my co-workers. i'm not going to panic about it, there isn't much i can do. just continue to work my ass off and hope that sales come in, even though restaurants are struggling and they are my main customers.

finally had a chance to take a breather and get a bit caught up tonight, hope all is well with everyone!


Maurey said...

Ugh. Everyone's struggling. Rumors were rampant at my place for a while, but everything turned out okay - better than that, even. Good luck getting through the monster class - I'm sure you will do well. Take some time to take care of yourself.

Whiskeymarie said...

Not the best way to spend the summer at all...
Sorry it's kind of sucky now, toots. But it sounds like you're keeping a clear & positive head about it!

Andrea said...

It'll all work out! Don't worry to much about it, including school, housework (it'll be there tomorrow) and work. Don't sweat the small stuff ma'dear.