Road Trippin! Final Destination: KC

the kids and i survived the first half of our trip down to KC. the dvd players we borrowed from a friend were an absolute life saver! i'm not sure what we would have done without them. wait, i know...i would have been driven absolutely nuts.

we arrived in des moines last night and had some time to enjoy the pool before bed. of course this morning the kids were up bright and early, even though they went to bed two hours later than normal. enjoyed breakfast and then they were ready for the pool again! i think the theme of this trip will be SWIMMING. this morning i am staying out of the pool and doing "homework". ha. i'm suppose to be doing homework but i am blogging and photo uploading and facebooking instead. i'm really going to regret it tonight and tomorrow night when i am cramming to finish two papers!


Andrea said...

you deserve some R&R take the time and enjoy the kids & swimming! they are only little once! Have a safe trip!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Your daughter looks sooooo much like you!! Enjoy your trip!