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the bf sent out an interesting email today. it sounds to me like he's getting kind of pissy with some of his uber conservative friends. i'm not sure i agree with every point he makes here, but i'm proud of him for expressing his views anyway. (p.s. though he is quite liberal in his politics, please know that because he is asian i think he sometimes goes a little too far where race is concerned and is definitely not very p.c. at times.)

here is his email:

So I’ve gotten tons of emails lately about Palin and McCain and all the military stuff and crap. Here is my response.

In the early 1980’s the United States government supported the Taliban in their efforts to wage war against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. By 1987, it is reported that the United States was exporting 65,000 tons of US made weapons to help in the war. In 1984, the United States allowed the networking of recruiting offices here in the US by Osama Bin Laden and his contributors. A special agent of the FBI, Ali Mohamed, is actually considered Osama Bin Laden’s first trainer.

Why does any of this history matter? Ronald Regan was President for two terms during the 80’s and during his time, he proceeded to evoke the Soviet Union in an Nuclear Arms race that eventually lead to the INF Treaty in which both countries stated that they would reduce the number of nuclear weapons. Instead of using education and understanding and listening, Mr. Regan used his military background to oversee the military aid to Afghanistan, Grenada, and the bombing of Libya.

I have nothing but the highest amount of respect to those who serve in the military. Anyone who is willing to put their life on the line to save the lives of someone else deserves at the least our respect and undying gratitude. Saving our assess is what they go out and do every single day and they do it because they believe in us and our country. Having said that though, having military background or being in the military does not automatically put you in position to be trusted or in a position to be a leader of any kind. Being in the middle of a war does not teach you how to handle a crisis situation, it teaches you how to shoot before getting killed. Ever wonder how terrorists get all that information to make bombs and create nuclear weapons? They get them from traitors in our own military. Agents of our CIA and FBI have been known to sell high level secure information to the highest bidder. So, it’s great that the Governor of Alaska has one of the “highest” security positions in the US. But then again, so has every other Governor of Alaska and none of them were close to being qualified to run for VP. Matter of fact, every person who is in the running for Vice President is sworn to secrecy or they will not even have the opportunity to become the running mate of any Presidential hopeful.

The United States did not come into being because we decided to wage war on other nations. We won because we defended our country on our own land. Ever since then, we have done nothing but put our big assess into conflicts that have nothing to do with us. We don’t help wage war because it helps protect our nation, we do it for only one reason and one reason only, to gain in our own interests. If we really wanted to stop Osama we could have. If we really were worried about the safety of people at home, we would have killed him already. In reality, our government uses catch phrases such as “war on terrorism” to make us feel good. If it really was a war on terrorism, why are the terrorists still out there running around?

Why is it so hard for Regan backers to see that someone with a Havard degree, the ability to listen, and someone who has an expanded mind about how the world works, could not make a great leader? Should all prisoners of war that have charming good looks run for some type of office? Are we supposed to send all our children off to war so they can become someone someday?

If we want a safer America, get rid of all the f’n terrorist here on our own soil. Get rid of all the rednecks who believe that their way is the only way and that people shouldn’t think for themselves. Get rid of all the Blacks who hate being here and blame everyone else for their shitty situation. Get rid of all the gun-toting arse-holes who shoot things because it’s fun and its’ their God given right (even though most of those effers don’t even go to church). Get rid of all of the humongous turds that call themselves “Christens” and then think that their belief is the only belief because when you think about it, the terrorists have the same way of thinking.

I don’t give two craps if our President is a Muslim or a former Prisoner of War. What really matters is are they smart enough to run the country with respect and honor, are they smart enough to make sure that they take care of the majority of the citizens who are middle income or less, are they willing to look forward and realize that we need to save this weird planet that we live on so we don’t piss it off and it ends up taking us all out, are they smart enough to understand economics and do what it takes to keeps jobs here in America and not send jobs oversees or to effing Mexico, and is that person smart enough to realize that it’s not all about how big our dick is but more about how we present ourselves in a manner that allows communication with those who disagree with us?

-The BF

I'll have to find out tonight what it was that pushed him over the edge today. ; )

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