random thoughts for halloween

1. dogs don't like halloween costumes. ours won't move when we put the costume on.

2. high school girls dressing up for halloween as school girls is a bit redundant, no?

3. tastefully simple beer bread made with bud light lime is rather excellent.

4. it's even better served with tastefully simple spinach and herb dip.

5. spritz cookies shaped like pumpkins are buttery yumgoodness.

6. always have a halloween t-shirt for your daughter to wear.

7. workplaces on halloween can actually be kind of fun.

8. fun but kind of slow. is it 5:00 yet? please???

9. halloween is a dieters worst nightmare.

10. happy halloween everyone!!!!!!!!!


Shelley said...

Ahhh cute picture. My office didn't dress up and it is kind of sad. This is my first year here, I'll have to change that for next year.

Maurey said...

So cute! I really wish my office would dress up. It seems like a place that would, but we just don't.