things overheard at my 7 year old's birthday party

why didn't you invite any other boys? (from the lone boy invited who had only my son and to ally with.)

this is the WORST party ever!! (from a very bratty girl, upon learning she could only choose a wacky bear in a certain price range.)

hey, i thought we were having cake! (from an ungrateful child upon learning we were having cupCAKES instead of a traditional cake.)

this is so unfair! (from yet another child, upon learning that the birthday girl got her choice of animals instead of being limited to the same price range as the rest.)

ky, you can't cut in line! (a child yelling at the birthday girl choosing a place in the game line.)

hey, how come she gets to go first?!? (complaining that the birthday girl was invited to stuff her wacky bear first.)

oddly enough, most of the complaining came from just a couple of the TEN kids invited. there were others that were really quite sweet. there is one girl in particular (the one with the "this is the worst party ever" comment), that will never be invited to another party for my child. i realize she is just a kid, but in my opinion there is just no excuse for that huge of a lack of manners. if i ever learned my daughter had said something so bratty at a friend's party i would skin her hide and never allow her to attend another birthday party.

i was sweating for the entire two hours of the party trying to keep ten children under control with the occasional assistance of the wacky bear staff. the party was deemed a success overall and i am sooooo glad it is over until next year. note to self: cut guest list in half for the next party. ; )


Miss Kate said...

Holy balls. Did you tell the little girl who asked "how come she gets to go first" that Ky is the birthday girl so bite it kiddo? Seriously, I would have come unglued. I know they're kids, but come on.

Janae said...

I think you and I have had this conversation before...the one about how so many people indulge their children these days?
Yes, I am even related to people who are terrified to "hurt their child's feelings" by telling them no!!!
Ummm...when they are grownups PEOPLE ARE GOING TO TELL THEM NO!!!
Why are people raising kids to believe (not think, BELIEVE) that they are the center of the universe?
I love my children more than life itself, which is why I am raising them to be good people. I want them to be well received, responsible, well mannered, likable, and trusted. They may not always like what I have to say to them, but they will grow up to be good people (if I have anything to say about it).
I did not have my children to make them my best friends, that's not their responsibility. People need to get a life of their own and not be so terrified to teach their children some manners!!