to relieve the guilt...

okay, so i've been feeling guilty that i haven't posted for two weeks after you all ever so kindly responded to my "quiz" question. and i hate to break it to you but there really was no earth-shattering reason for the quiz. just this:

the bf goes in spurts where he gets home REALLY late. like, after 11:00 late. and not just one night, but several nights. this generally upsets me and depresses me not for any particular reason other than that i enjoy having him around and therefore i hate it when he gets home so late. sometimes i realize it isn't his fault, but sometimes? well, sometimes it is.

thanks again for all of your responses! i have been reading them to the bf to give him an idea of what "normal" might be. (he doesn't understand why it upsets me when he is home late so often.)

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WM said...

I totally get it. I may have to steal the idea in fact.

Not that it helps any...but I get home by 5:00. Hubby gets home between 5:30 and 6:30 ...but does work late (until 7 or 8) sometimes...not very often though.