would you like fries with that? too bad!

i got sick over the weekend. saturday was the day i knew i would be coming down with something. my throat was raw all day. not sore exactly, but raw. and i was SO tired. more tired than usual and not all that interested in shopping with the bf, which is VERY out of character for me.

at about 5:00 am on sunday morning i was awakened with severe soreness in my throat. even swallowing my own saliva made me shudder with pain. i took several rounds of advil to no avail. i was tired and cold and shaking. i waited until about noon and decided to take a trip to Now Care, where after a two hour wait i was diagnosed with strep throat for the first time in about 15 years.

pretty much all i could "eat" was chocolate shakes. last night i decided to go through the drive thru at our local wendy's, because there is nothing quite like a chocolate frosty when battling a sore throat. i also decided to pick up some real food for the kids and the bf.

i don't eat at wendy's very often, so i wasn't sure what i would order and asked the guy for a minute to decide. there was no one behind me on line. i will spare you the details, but the drive thru guy was beyond rude and condescending to me. when i got up to the window, he barked the amount at me and plucked my credit card out of my hands and gave it back without even looking at me or saying a word.

i get to the window to retrieve my food and decide not to complain...it doesn't look like any of these people are going to care anyway, and they might even spit in my food. when i get home i realize they forgot my daughter's chicken sandwich.

now, i know these people don't have the most wonderful job in the world. but at least they have a job, right? and with so many people searching for jobs right now, how can anyone justify keeping on workers with attitudes like that? right?


feisty said...

that is pretty bad. yeah, jobs like that suck, but it is no excuse to be rude to someone who obviously wasn't being rude herself, but politely asked for a bit more time to review the menu.


EmFabulousFunshine said...

this is kind of like those people who work at retail during the holidays...every job has its cons, don't take it out on the customer. THANKS AND HAVE A NICE DAY...lol

hope your throat is getting better